MVI320 - MVision Introduction

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The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to the use of the MVision materials system. This class is designed for engineers, scientists, and designers involved in the use of materials for analysis or design or those involved with the testing of materials.

3 days
Pre-requisites : 

    Day One

    • Navigate MVision databanks
    • Query MVision databanks for materials meeting design constraints
    • Create custom tables from any information in the databanks
    • Introduction to the engineering spreadsheet

    Day Two

    • Understand the MVision database structure
    • Create new databanks including customized organization of the databank
    • Load an MVision database with input files or via the spreadsheet
    • Use the engineering spreadsheet
      • Evaluate materials options
      • Aid in databank construction

    Day Three

    • Create user-defined functions to customize the MVision Spreadsheet
    • Create spreadsheet templates
      • Automatically reduce test data
      • Add data to an MVision databank
    • Manage units with MVision
    • Create ISO compliant text output of your databank (STEP/Express Translator)