NAS319C - Practical Implementation of Fatigue Methods with MSC Nastran, Patran and Other Applications

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A state of the art perspective of how practical fatigue calculations are implemented within computer based environments. Alternative environments will be available including Patran, MSC Nastran (from 2013 onwards) and non-product based (Microsoft Excel and command prompt driven).This course will include numerous hands-on fatigue exercises as well as fully computerized approaches.
1 day
Pre-requisites : 
The course will give a basic overview of the methods – but from a quite unconventional perspective (concept rather than equation driven). So no prior knowledge of fatigue analysis techniques or dynamics is required. The latest fundamental developments (theories and implementations) in the field will also be presented.
  • Time Based Methods
    • Static
    • Transient
    • Modal Participation Factor
  • Frequency Based Methods
    • PSD Based Fatigue