SMM102 - SimManager Basic Configuration

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By the end of this course, you will be able to use the web user interface of SimManager to perform the following administration and configuration tasks:

  • Create and administer SimManager Projects to organize data and manage access
  • Utilize Roles to define privileges for Users and Profiles
  • Create and manage Users in SimManager
  • Define groups of users with common privileges using Profiles
  • Publish and maintain Procedures using the web UI
  • Monitor user activity in SimManager
  • Perform configuration tasks
  • Manage Object types, enumerations, Variant naming, and queues.
  • Publish configuration updates
  • Integrate external applications
  • Create and manage Work Request Templates
1 day
Pre-requisites : 
SMM101 (Introduction to SimManager)
  • Project administration
  • User, Profile, and Role administration
  • Monitors
  • Procedure & Resource Management
  • Configuration tasks
  • Application Integration
  • Work Request Templates