SMX131 - SimXpert Templates

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SMX131 is a course that focuses on the SimXpert Template Builder workspace. Students will gain the skills to create simulation templates that automate complex and/or repetitive analysis procedures. In the SimXpert Template Builder learners will build templates that utilize several different workspaces and test them in the Template Execution environment. Students will also be able to create actions, the basic building blocks of templates, and use the various connection, branching, and looping tools to add complexity to a template. Publishing templates to the enterprise via the SimManager portal is also explored.

3 days
Pre-requisites : 
SMX101 (Introduction to SimXpert FE Workspaces) is recommended before taking SMX131 (SimXpert Templates).

• Explore the Template Builder workspace
• Run a simple Structures template in Template Execution window
• Build a simple template using built-in actions and connection tool
• Record a macro (template) and then edit it in Template Builder
• Build a template containing choice and loop tools
• Create a new embedded script action (using RADE language)
• Create a new core script action (using Python language)
• Execute some additional templates and explore various levels of automation
• Learn how publishing and retrieving templates via the SimManager portal allows sharing across the enterprise