SND502 - Thermal Analysis Using Patran with MSC Sinda

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This course will allow users to explore some of the more in-depth features of creating advanced MSC Sinda thermal models from a finite element model builder. Students will use Patran to build the lab problems.

3 days
Pre-requisites : 
The training material assumes some experience with MSC Sinda and finite element models. If you are new to this area, we can provide you with the training materials necessary for self study before the class.
  • The following are some topics that will be covered:
    •Using MSC Sinda skeleton files

    •Adding FORTRAN to graphically built models

    •Creating groups

    •Excel material files

    •Advanced mesh control

    •Modeling time and temperature dependent properties

    •Advanced geometry manipulation

    •Report generation - using the new Thermal Studio

    •Manipulating models and views

    •Importing and running large models

    •Adding contacts between surfaces

    •Importing, simplifying and using CAD geometry

    •Exploring materials and properties

    •Radiation super elements and primitives - for fast and accurate radiation modeling

    •Radiation enclosures

    •Special features and applications

    •Linking to radiation codes such as THERMICA, Nevada, TRASYS, and TSS

    •Using thermal data for stress/distress analysis