Accelerate Your Engineering Career

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Knowledge of MSC Software solutions is an increasingly valuable asset in today's world. Companies are competing for the services of well-trained users of MSC Software, such as MSC Nastran and Adams, to accurately and reliably predict how products will behave in the real world to help engineers design better, more innovative products - quickly and cost effectively.

MSC Software's competency tests gives users the opportunity to measure their existing MSC product knowledge against a global standard, further develop their skills, and improve their chances of finding MSC Software simulation jobs in today's competitive marketplace.


Practice Test

Try it out - take a quick 10 question practice test. There is no registration required.

MSC Nastran Practice Test       Adams Practice Test


The Rules

  • Fifty questions are randomly assigned from a database
  • The correct answer must be chosen from among four choices (for multiple choice) or two choices (for True/False)
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