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University of Manitoba Rides Adams/Car to Success

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University of Manitoba Rides Adams/Car to Success

The use of Adams/Car was extremely beneficial to the University of Manitoba Formula SAE team for the design of their 2010 car. Adams/Car was used to create a custom full vehicle template. The initial geometric design was created with the use of Adams/Car and optimized further with the program's simulation capabilities. The team has seen the benefit to using the software and plans to use it this coming year to simulate the car's performance on a competition track. Data acquired through the vehicle's data acquisition system during dynamic testing will be used as input to better understand the effect of changes to each design/tuning parameter on the vehicle's performance.

The 2010 Formula team, registered and participated in both the Michigan and California FormulaSAE events, and plans to participate in dynamic events starting next year. Using new technology, the team plans to use its innovative composite, monocoque body to succeed in the dynamic events. Subsequent to the competitions, they were able to drive the car and the performance turned out to be superior to any of the previous cars. As a result, they are looking for an even greater performance next year with the help of Adams/Car. In addition, the University of Manitoba fields a Formula Hybrid team and they will be using the software next year to enhance their handling characteristics.

Malcolm Symonds
Faculty Advisor, UMSAE