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Undergraduate students from University of Manitoba Chapter of SAE International (UMSAE) design, manufacture, and test prototype vehicles for SAE International’s Collegiate Design Series. UMSAE competes in the Formula, Formula-Hybrid, Baja and Aero Design SAE series. The Formula and Formula-Hybrid vehicles are open-cockpit, open wheeled race cars of which the suspension system and vehicle dynamics of the vehicle are the top priority. Being put through many challenging time trials including acceleration, skid pad, autocross and a 22km endurance, the cornering ability of these vehicles is extremely important to being competitive in the Collegiate Design Series competitions.

MSC Software’s, ADAMS design program is used to perform iterative analysis to achieve the best compromise of all the suspension and vehicle dynamics variables. There are always compromises during design and this complex analysis allows for quick changes to the design and set up, thus designing quickly to maximize the potential of each vehicle. Subsequently track side testing can be done earlier in the project timeline given the shortening of the design phase. In addition to the benefits of iterative analysis, the visual effects of the program help new students understand the importance of vehicle dynamics and grasp the most difficult concepts with ease.

UMSAE’s Formula team used the ADAMS program to optimize their vehicle this past year. The proof of these analyses is in the team’s standings in the California Formula competition. They placed 19th in the Endurance race and 15th overall out of 80 entrants! This would not have been possible without the first class analysis tools provided by MSC Software.

2011 UMSAE Formula
2011 UMSAE Formula-Hybrid