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Mississippi State Motorsports Team Uses MSC software (2)

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MSC Software sponsorship keeps contributing the Formula SAE team of Mississippi State University in 2010. Several projects were supported by finite element analysis software of MSC Software, which lists as below:

    • Braking System--Pedal and Pedal Mounting

      A design team was assembled to analyze formula car brake pedal. They analyzed an existing design provided by FSAE, optimized the design, and created an alternative design. They used FEA in their optimization for both stress and deformation analyses.
    • Mechanical transmission shifter

      A design team will make a mechanical shifting device (MSD) that is able to shift transmission and use clutch on down-shift, comfortable, easy to operate and, above all, must be very reliable. They used MSC finite element software for estimating the stresses and deformation of such shifter. Their final design was simple, has minimal machining, labor, and joining, fits physical constraints of FSAE, requires little modification of chassis, and light weight (approx 0.5 lb).

  • Steering System. A design team was assembled to create and analyze at least 2 designs, maintain an acceptable factor of safety, and suggest an optimal design. The team used FEA to optimize their design.

For better competition, better designs are required within limit funding support. The MSC software provided the solutions. Design a steering system for the Mississippi State University Formula SAE team that will meet certain specifications set forth by SAE guidelines and standards, while also catering to the requests and needs of the Formula SAE team. The struts should be lightweight and slim, so that they do not interfere with the airflow around the wing, yet stiff enough to allow the wing to act as a rigid member of the chassis. Pedal and Pedal Mounting need to consider the deflection, weight and money issues. Steering system should be able to shift transmission and use clutch on down-shift, enough comfortable and easy to operate and strong reliability. All the CAE works of above designs are delivered by MSC FEA package, which provides better understanding of the mechanism of the vehicle systems. And it provided a better studying opportunity for students to deliver CAE in vehicle design.