Successful Airworthiness Certification of eVTOL Aircraft with Simulation Technology

Improving Valve design thanks to Cradle CFD solutions

SimAcademy Webinar Archive: Composite Modelling in MSC Apex

n this webinar, we will see the introduction to composite and will understand different composite terminologies. This webinar will demonstrate a sample workflow for Composites Modelling and Analysis using MSC Apex. In this webinar, we will see the use of Attribution Utilities of composites in MSC Apex.

SimAcademy Webinar Archive: Digimat-MX Methodology to Reverse Engineer Efficiently a Short Fiber Reinforced Plastic Material Card

In this webinar, we will explain you how to calibrate such a material model from experimental data by using the automatic and interactive optimization procedure implemented in Digimat-MX.

SimAcademy Webinar Archive: Adams Car-Ride Overview

Adams Car-Ride is a plugin tool to Adams Car for automotive ride analysis. Both time domain and frequency domain ride simulations can be carried out using Adams Car-Ride. Ride index calculation according to ISO2631, parameter identification from frequency dependent test data and road profile generation for four poster excitations are the important features of Adams Car-Ride.

Optimizing CAD management for multibody dynamics modeling - Solution Brief

Effective Model Exploration for Multibody Dynamics Simulations - Solution Brief

MSC Apex for Automotive Applications

New Material Engineering for Longer and Lighter Wind Turbine Blades

Adams Modeler DataSheet

Adams Modeler Brochure

Combining Material Databases and AI: A smart approach to increase efficiency and achieve substantial savings

ODYSSEE A-Eye flyer


Real to Virtual Convergence - Virtual Testing of 3D woven based on realistic microstructures