Improving the Ability to Simulate NVH in a Vehicle

An introductory Guide to Nonlinear Analysis

Marc Python -Tutorial and Reference Manual

PATRAN Command Language (PCL) Introduction

Template Builder Workspace Guide

An MSC Nastran Primer for Rotordynamics

Identification of Crititical Speeds of Rotors Attached to Flexible Supports

Academic Software Motion Bundle Datasheet

Provides capabilities for a wide variety of multi-body motion and mechanical system simulations, including hydraulics & controls, using a geometric modeling approach or a schematic, block-diagram modeling approach; based on Adams and Easy5.

Academic Software Structures Bundle Datasheet

Provides linear and non-linear finite element analysis (FEA) capabilities for structural & thermal simulations as well as others such as those involving impacts and fluid-structure interactions; based on the latest versions of MSC Nastran, Patran, Dytran, Marc, and Sinda.

Frost and Sullivan - Case for Simulation Content Management

This decade has witnessed an explosion of digital content fueled by high bandwidth penetration and ever improving infrastructure. Content is being generated in all conceivable forms such as: audio, video, graphics, CAD/Simulation, images, medical imaging, print layouts, animation, text files, presentations and spreadsheets. This ever expanding library of content has generated a tremendous demand for solutions to help manage the ever expanding library of content.

Nonlinear Multi-scale Modeling of Rubber and Tires with Digimat

Digimat for Engineering Plastics

Digimat for Nano-Composites

Digimat for Aerospace

BioSimulations, LLC - Simulation of a Molded Elastomeric Helical Anchor Nerve Clamp