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Additive Manufacturing - Analytical Framework

SimAcademy Webinar Archive: MSC APEX Tips and Tricks

MSC APEX is designed to provide engineers and CAE analysts with the most efficient and easy-to-use CAE tools on the market. This presentation will demonstrate how to use some of these Tools while doing a start-to-finish example of a Linear Static Analysis problem.

SimAcademy Webinar Archive: Design Optimization Using MSC Nastran Embedded Fatigue

In real world, fatigue accounts for more than 60% of failure. The phenomenon has been identified almost 165 years ago; but still not fully understood. However several practices have been invented over the years to predict the fatigue life. Today it is recognized that fatigue failures can’t be avoided thoroughly, nonetheless provision can be taken at least to reduce the chances of fatigue failure.

FORGE Magazine: Design, Control and Optimization of Process Chains

Desktop Engineering: Finmeccanica Leonardo Implements Digimat VA

Medical Design & Outsourcing: French Researchers use Adams-Simulink to give a robot new capability

Desktop Engineering: IRCCyN Uses MSC Software to Advance Robotics Research MaterialCenter 2016 Simplifies the Export of Material Data into CAE Solvers

Desktop Engineering: MSC Software Partners with Campania Technological Aerospace District

MCAD Café: MSC Apex Wins Five Prestigious 2016 IT World Awards® in Best Products & Hot Technologies Categories

Scientific Computing World: MSC Creates Italian Partnership to Accelerate Aeronautical Design

How to create a good FEA model

Structural analysis with the finite element method can calculate displacements, stresses, durability, vibrations or temperatures. Often, FE modelling begins with the import of CAD geometry into a FEM preprocessor and with the meshing of the geometry. Normally a 3D CAD geometry is available, which you can mesh with tetra elements in one mouseclick. But this may not be the best way. With a fine tetra mesh you probably get reliable results, but the run time increases strongly with the number of elements. It makes sense to use the appropriate mesh type and geometry simplifications for the model. This whitepaper shows you how to mesh a model better and faster. We show the modeling process using the software Apex, and give you tips and tricks what are the important points to check.

MCAD Café: MSC Software Partners with Italian Campania Region Technological Aerospace District

Optimizing Heavy Equipment for Handling Bulk Materials with Adams-EDEM Co-simulation