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SimAcademy Webinar Archive: Nonlinear Solution Setup Highlights Using SOL400 in MSC Nastran and Patran

SOL 400 is a set of application modules in the MSC Nastran system that pairs the full features of MSC Nastran with the advanced nonlinear capabilities. More and more companies are using sol400 for their nonlinear analysis needs. In a nonlinear problem, the stiffness of the structure depends on the displacement, and the response is no longer a linear function of the load applied. As a result, nonlinear problems require incremental solution schemes that divide the problem up into steps calculating the displacement, then updating the stiffness. This presentation is to help users setup and be successful at getting the first converged solution faster.

SimAcademy Webinar Archive: Frequency Response Usage in Nastran and Patran

Frequency response analysis is a method that allows users to analyze a structure’s response to a steady- state oscillatory excitation. In this type of analysis the excitation is explicitly defined in the frequency domain. The structure is subjected to an oscillatory sinusoidal loading with an amplitude at a specific frequency. Similarly the response occurs at the same frequency as the loading. Examples of oscillatory excitation include rotating machinery, unbalanced tires and helicopter blades.

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