SimAcademy Webinar Archive: Monitor Points in Nastran

Monitor points are convenient way to output data into F06 file. The MONITOR case control command is an output request for load summation, element results and displacement output requests beyond the normal case control commands of DISP, STRESS, etc. This is a convenient means to monitor: loads, element results and average motion at user specified location, coordinate system and apply user defined labels to the results. This is an alternative to the usual case control output requests. Monitor point output also provides a means of spot checking results written to the f06 while allowing results of DISP, STRESS, etc requests to be written to the xdb or op2 file.

SimAcademy Webinar Archive: Overview of the MSC Nastran f04 file and DMAP

MSC Nastran is written in a high-level language called DMAP (Direct Matrix Abstraction Program) which has its own compiler and grammatical rules. During an analysis MSC Nastran produces a summary of the DMAP instructions as they are executed. This is known as the Execution Summary Table for the analysis and it is written to the .f04 file. This lecture will examine the Execution Summary Table and its various components. MSC Nastran provides the user with the ability to customize an analysis solution by modify the DMAP source. This lecture will introduce the user to the syntax of the DMAP commands and demonstrate how they interface with the solution.

SimAcademy Webinar Archive: Defining User Specified Crack Growth Criteria and Direction

MSC Marc is widely used in different industries for different applications. Its unique capabilities, including general contact, global adaptive remeshing, crack propagation and multi-physics, allow users to tackle difficult nonlinear simulation problems.

SimAcademy Webinar Archive: Leaf Spring Modelling in Adams Car

In Adams/Car we can create the leaf spring using the leaf spring (ltf) file. Data provide to the ltf file is in the unloaded condition. Adams/Car builds the leaf spring element and it actually uses makeleaf program in background. The present webinar will talk about the leaf spring editor in the leaf spring property files, communicators required for connection of leaf spring with subsystem like suspension and body and how to create the leaf spring with more than 10 leaves.

SimAcademy Webinar Archive: Doing it Explicitly - Introduction to Explicit Analysis and Capabilities of SOL700

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) problem involving non-linearity can be solved by either implicit or explicit solution technique. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) involving simulating short-time large deformation problems such as complex contact/impact problem are solved by explicit solution technique. SOL700 is a powerful explicit solver of MSC Nastran which is based on Dytran+LS-Dyna module. So it offers combined advantages of both Dytran & LS-Dyna. The present webinar will talk about basics of explicit analysis, where to use it & the capabilities of SOL700.

How to Find Cross Section Properties in Patran for Complex Shape

Customer would like to use Patran to calculate cross section properties for arbitrary shapes... but in particular, where there is a 'hole' in the cross section. This is more difficult than the standard shapes, so a brief recording is provided to lay out the steps and considerations.

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