Customer Success Program

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Whether an existing or new user of MSC Software solutions, the Customer Success Program can be a true life-saver when you are in a situation where it is imperative that MSC expert gets involved when needed for either a short period of time, or the entire length of a design project. The Customer Success Program leverages the vast pool of MSC simulation and industry experts to deliver the support you need, when you need it, and in the method most convenient - either at the customer's facility or remotely.

The Customer Success Program includes:

  • Recommendations for improved modeling techniques
  • Assistance with engineering methods development based on in-depth industry and discipline knowledge
  • Upgrading and updating of customer-generated scripts
  • Diagnosing problems with models and simulations
  • Assistance with analyzing, comparing, and correlating results from the software-produced simulation data and test data
  • General software usage guidance, know-how transfer and best practices
  • Hands-on training on software usage through one-on-one or group sessions
  • General staff augmentation

Note: The above services are beyond standard technical support included with Maintenance, as documented in the MSC Standard Software Maintenance & Technical Support Usage Guide.

How it Works:

  • An MSC Customer Success Program Manager will be appointed and he will coordinate all the activities with the customer in the frame of this program.
  • Based on the expertise required for a specific task the CSP Manager can either handle the task by himself or involve other experts to get the task completed.
  • Required expert services will be provided on a time basis. The CSP Manager will choose the most appropriate expert based on the requested skills, taking into consideration product knowledge, industry expertise, and proximity to customer location (for on-site requests).
  • Customer Success Program services can be delivered on-site, or remotely by leveraging screen-share technology.

Contact your local MSC office today to learn more about the Customer Success Program!