What's New in MSC Apex 2020 Feature Pack 1

Create easily interactive reports for 3D models with VCollab

Satellite technology: Lightweight construction for weightless conditions

Marc 2020, Release at a glance

Virtual prototyping of Magneto-Rheological (MR) damper by comparing realistic motion behavior using Adams

Anisotropic explicit simulation, considering manufacturing effects and nonlinearity

Accurate prediction of part performance in response to static loads for short fiber reinforced composites

Designing a plastic robotic arm using Adams & MSC Nastran

Race sports: Catch the highest performance with lightweight design

Acoustics TechWeek 2020 – Day 5 Wrap-Up and Introduction to Actran JumpStart

Acoustics TechWeek 2020 – Day 4 Duct Acoustics

Acoustics TechWeek 2020 – Day 3 Acoustic Transparency

Acoustics TechWeek 2020 – Day 2 Acoustic Radiation

Acoustics TechWeek 2020 – Day 1 Industrial Context & Challenges

Stratégies de réduction des coûts pour les outils progressives