Noise Pollution

Mitigating environmental noise to enhance the quality of life of billions of people
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Noise Pollution

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Noise pollution is now considered to be a major factor in social, environmental and manufacturing sustainability. As our cities and industrial facilities get bigger and more complex it is becoming more critical to the quality of life of many inhabitants and it has major adverse biodiversity impact globally. CAE simulation plays a significant role in improving the acoustic performance for automobiles, airplanes, and other adverse noise sources to help build a quiet, pleasant and sustainable environment.

Air Transportation noise

Air transportation noise is one of the biggest contributors of noise pollution in urban environments producing various health issues and discomfort to the population. Stringent noise standards have been implemented for new aircraft and CAE is enabling faster adoption of innovative noise reduction techniques that will help mitigate aircraft noise.

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Road noise

Reducing traffic noise has become a priority in our cities in several regions around the world because it is a health and wellbeing hazard. With ever more meet stringent government regulations for automobile designers, engineering simulation from Actran can help design countermeasure for Pass-by Noise reduction early in the design phase and ensure compliance.

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Railway noise

With the advent of sustainable mobility and faster trains, railways have become an important noise source for urban and rural environments. Mitigating the noise involves the use of sound barrier that can both dissipate and redirect the sounds waves to ensure more comfort for the nearby inhabitants and acoustic simulation can accelerate and improve barrier design.

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Industrial noise

Industrial facilities such as power plants and factories generate a large amount of noise that create discomfort to both workers and nearby dwellers. Typically, industrial-grade mufflers, designed with acoustic simulation, are used to reduce the noise to ensure compliance with local regulations.

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Household appliance noise

Working from home for extended periods of times has exposed individuals to new levels of noise within their homes. Using acoustic simulation, quieter products can be created that contribute to peaceful living.

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Marine Noise

Noise is not only affecting humans but also animals. Noise presents a particular problem for marine wildlife, as animals often communicate and orient themselves using sound waves and undesired noise from vessels can have disastrous consequences. Acoustic simulation can help companies evaluate the noise emitted by the product, ensuring a quiet environment and ocean.

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