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Achieve material savings without sacrificing product performance with MSC's leading simulation solutions
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The packaging industry is challenged to reduce material consumption while increasing package strength; improve product performance for filling and conveying; accelerate design cycles while reducing cost; and improving the environmental sustainability for everything they manufacture. Virtual prototyping is emerging as a key strategic initiative within successful packaging companies to meet these challenges and improve competitiveness.

MSC Software provides modeling and analysis software and services that enable packaging engineers to quickly and accurately run comprehensive virtual tests to optimize package designs, filling and conveying processes, and even simulate shipping and shelving. Our engineering personnel have experience in deploying tools and automating methods to ensure your success and deliver rapid return on investment.

MSC Software's simulation technology enables us to pursue ambitious design projects, and create new packaging designs in a completely virtual environment. New ideas can quickly be developed and modified, with the virtual prototypes being verified for performance and manufacturability, delivering significant savings in both the time and cost of traditional physical prototyping.
-Richard Moore, Vice President of Strategic Development
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MSC Software is used for many types of simulations:
  • Design optimization
  • Durability and Fatigue
  • Drop test
  • Nonlinear and contact modeling
  • Structural analysis 
  • Composite material modeling
  • Thermal performance
  • Sealing performance
Engineers use MSC Software for:
  • Top load - empty and filled
  • Capping
  • Composites modeling & failure analysis
  • Drop test of products
  • Pressure and vacuum loads
  • Vibration loads
  • Temperature cycling
  • Side load, squeezing
  • Filling
  • Conveying
  • Manufacturing, thermal forming
  • Weight optimization