Whitepaper: High performance computing with Actran

Accelerating acoustic simulations with high-performance computing

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High performance computing has the potential to accelerate product development and design by reducing the turnaround time of simulations, enabling more iterations within a design cycle. The ability to exploit different computing architectures and implement innovative numerical methods is fundamental for any physics solver since it provides users with the flexibility to use their own unique resources to accelerate their simulations. With the advent of cloud computing, it is now easier than ever to create custom architecture to solve their specific problems, such as acoustic simulations.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • How Actran takes advantage of different computing architectures to reduce simulation times efficiently
  • How numerical methods can accelerate simulations while reducing computing requirements
  • How the above methods are applied to real-world examples with guidelines on what works best
  • How cloud computing can revolutionise high performance computing and acoustic simulations