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MSCは、スペイン最大のオンライン大学であるUNEDと提携して、有限要素解析法とCAEシミュレーションに関する修士号や博士号を取得できるプログラムを公開しています。National Distance Education University(UNED)は、最先端のテクノロジを通信教育に応用して実装しており、全世界で205,000人以上の学生が在籍しています。ヨーロッパで最大規模の大学でもあります。


  • 複合領域の高度な課程
  • 協力を前提にした学習環境
  • オンラインのバーチャルクラスルーム、ビデオ会議、技術フォーラム


  • 有限要素法とシミュレーションの理論的および実践的応用の専門家
  • 有限要素法とシミュレーションの理論的および実践的応用のスペシャリスト
  • 有限要素法とシミュレーションの理論的および実践的応用のマスター

このプログラムを受講すると、MSCのStudent Editionを無償で利用する資格が得られます。

大学   パートナー

National Distance Education University(UNED)は、最先端のテクノロジを通信教育に応用して実装しており、205,000人以上の学生が在籍しています。ヨーロッパで最大規模の大学でもあります。




IDAC Ltd.(英国)、メカニカルエンジニア、Gabriel Arias氏
ABB Schweiz AG(スイス)、Valdésエンジニア、David Casado氏
Indra S.A.(スペイン)、メカニカルエンジニア、María José Acedo氏
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UNED and Ingeciber began their partnership in 1993 by unifying their wide experience using numerical analysis methods in different research areas and professional engineering applications.

The objetive is to prepare the engineer in the use of Finite Element Method (FEM) and CAE Simulation for practical professional application.

More than 2,500 postgraduates have participated in this Master course since 1993 - demonstrating that course has obtained world wide prestige and recognition over the years.

Committed to excellence in teaching, research and innovation, the FEA Masters Program is actively engaged with industry, governments and universities across the world in tackling some of the major challenges of today and tomorrow.

We hope that you will consider undertaking our World-Leading Master's Degree course and achieve your full potential.

Course Content

The multi-dimensional curriculum is aimed not just at acquiring knowledge but also at developing critical thinking and analytical ability and facilitating research at every stage of the course.

  1. Expert Module: provides the key understanding of the FEM, in order to have a solid foundation to further develop at more advanced levels.
  2. Specialized Modules: provide a huge range of possibilities for in-depth analysis of different areas through theoretical and practical knowledge: Dynamic, Non-Linear, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Steel Structures and Concrete Advanced analysis, Composite structures.
  3. The course offers three different degree options (Expert, Specialist and Master's) to pursue your training through core and elective subjects.
  4. A wide range of texts and practical exercises.
  5. Practical learning is accomplished by using Patran / MSC Nastran, MSC APEX, CivilFEM powered by Marc and CFD++ software (under educational license).
  6. The course uses the following tools: On-line virtual classrooms, technical forums, e-mail, and on-line support material.


The Following awards will be granted on successful completion of the different Master's levels:

Expert in Theoretical and Practical Application of Finite Element Method and CAE Simulation.
(Expert Module)

Specialist in Theoretical and Practical Application of Finite Element Method and CAE Simulation.
(Expert Module and one Specialized Module)

Master's in Theoretical and Practical Application of Finite Element Method and CAE Simulation.
(Expert Module, three Specialized Modules and the Master’s Final Project)

Diplomas are issued by UNED University of Spain. To access the postgraduate course, a bachelor's degree in engineering is required


Participants who choose the Mechanical Branch in the Expert Module, will use PATRAN / MSC Nastran and MSC APEX software in Expert, Dynamic, Non-Linear, Heat Transfer and Composite Structures specialized modules and CFD++ software in the Fluid Mechanics specialized module.

Participants who choose Construction Branch in the Expert module, will use CivilFEM powered by Marc in Expert, Dynamic, Non-Linear, Steel Structure Advanced Analyses, Concrete Structures Advanced Analysis and Geotechnical analysis specialized modules.

CFD++ will be used in Fluid Mechanics.

Course Structure

Teaching Staff

Professor Juan José Benito Muñoz. Mechanical Engineer PhD
Construction Engineering and Manufacturing Department, School of Mechanical Engineers, UNED University.

Mr. Miguel Angel Moreno Fdez. de Yepes. Civil Engineer PhD
CEO, Ingeciber, S.A.

Deputy Director and Coordinator:
Mr. Ambrosio Baños Abascal. MSc Science
Head of Mechanical Engineering Department, Ingeciber, S.A.

Deputy Coordinator:
Mr. Pablo Arrieta Yáñez. MSc Naval Engineer
Mechanical Engineering Department, Ingeciber, S.A.


  • Professor Enrique Alarcón álvarez. Civil Engineer PhD, U.P.M.
  • Mrs. Arancha Alarcón-Fleming. Civil Engineer, PhD, PE, LEED AP. UNED Collaborator
  • Mr. José Ramón Arroyo Arroyo. MSc Mechanical Engineer, INTEMAC
  • Associate Professor Ramón Álvarez Cabal. Mechanical Engineer PhD, U.P.M.
  • Professor Juan José Benito Muñoz. Mechanical Engineer PhD, UNED
  • Associate Professor Francisco Blázquez García. Mechanical Engineer PhD, U.P.M.
  • Associate Professor Alberto Fraile de Lerma. Mechanical Engineer PhD, U.P.M.
  • Professor Luis Gavete Corvinos. Mine Engineer PhD, U.P.M.
  • Professor Julio Hernández Rodríguez. Mechanical Engineer PhD, UNED
  • Mr. Marcos Latorre Ferrús. MSc Aeronautical Engineer. U.P.M.
  • Mr. Ángel Muelas Rodríguez. Civil Engineer PhD. OHL
  • Mr. Enrique López del Hierro Fernández. MSc Mechanical Engineer, UNED
  • Professor Francisco Montans Leal. Mechanical Engineer PhD, U.P.M.
  • Professor Mariano Rodríguez-Avial Llardent. Mechanical Engineer PhD, UNED
  • Associate Professor José ángel Sánchez Fernández. Civil Engineer PhD, U.P.M.
  • Professor José Ma Sancho Aznal. Architect PhD, U.P.M.
  • Associate Professor Javier Segurado Escudero. Materials Engineer PhD, U.P.M


  • Mrs. Ma Cruz Argüeso Chamorro. MSc Civil Engineer. Ingeciber, S.A.
  • Mr. Pablo Arrieta Yáñez. MSc Naval Engineer, Ingeciber, S.A.
  • Mr. Ambrosio Baños Abascal. MSc Science, Ingeciber, S.A.
  • Mr. Juan Carlos Lancha. Civil Engineer PhD. OHL Group.
  • Mr. Javier Marcelo Mora. MSc Civil Engineer, Ingeciber, S.A.
  • Mr. Román Martín Martín. MSc Civil Engineer, Ingeciber, S.A.
  • Mr. Miguel ángel Moreno Fdez. De Yepes. Civil Engineer PhD, Ingeciber, S.A.
  • Mr. Eduardo Salete Casino. Civil Engineer PhD, UNED
  • Mr. Miguel ángel Sanz Gómez. MSc Mechanical Engineer. U.P.M.
  • Mr. Ronald Siat Caparrós. MSc Civil Engineer, Ingeciber, S.A
  • Mr. Luis Valdivia Montoro. MSc Civil Engineer. Ingeciber, S.A.

Course Secretary

Ingeciber, S.A.

Mrs. Constanza Pizarro. e-mail: c.pizarro@ingeciber.com

Mrs. Gema Ramos. e-mail: g.ramos@ingeciber.com

Telephone: +34 91 386 22 22.   Fax: +34 91 386 45 80



Registration Open: September 1, 2017 to January 15, 2018
Opening session: February 10, 2018

Expert Modules: February 12, 2018 to October 15, 2018
Specialty Modules: May 7, 2018 to December 15, 2018
Final Project Master Module: May 7, 2018 to December 15, 2018


The methodology applied is that of UNED University: Texts and practice software will be provided; Self-assessment and course assessment exercises will be made available; On-line Exams; The Master provides on-line virtual classrooms at the campus at UNED University.


Please check the information at link below:


Register on line at the International FEA Masters website:

More information:
Int’l FEA Master’s Secretariat
e-mail: info@ingeciber.com
Phone: +34 91 386 22 22
Avda. Monforte de Lemos, 189.
Madrid 28035. Spain.


The course will provide a limited number of partial scholarships to those who request them, in response to exceptional circumstances such as academic or economic. To be eligible for one of these scholarships, the attendee has to send the following documents in the time of registration:

  • Grant application letter (there is not an official form)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Photocopy of the employment demand card or the official certificate, in the case of being a jobseeker
  • Any document with which the student wishes to send in order to justify the half scholarship demand and the inability to pay the fees

The partial scholarship consists in a maximum of 50% discount in the enrolment fees and will be provided according to university rules.