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Wizard driven analysis conditions provide an easy to learn approach to setting up and performing a CFD simulation.

Using a structured mesh, models can quickly and easily be converted into a computational domain without the needed model preparation that is typical of an unstructured mesh.

scSTREAM uses a structured Cartesian mesh. Structured meshes are composed of many small cuboids, so it is very easy and quick to construct. In applications where attention to tiny details and curved surfaces do not have a strong effect on the simulation a structured mesh becomes very beneficial.

For a Cartesian mesh, each element face normal are aligned with the axis’s, making the calculation faster by reducing the number of calculations needed to determine the flux.

Flow generated from moving objects can be considered during translation, rotation, or elastic deformation of an object. The mesh of the moving object is created separately from the stationary mesh, this makes moving an object large distances computationally inexpensive.

scSTREAM interfaces directly with BIM 2.0 Autodesk® Revit® and GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD. This allows for direct part targeting and the part tree can be kept and simplified. IFC format can be imported directly.

In addition to architecture there is a tool designed specifically designed to create precise electrical circuit components. After specifying design parameters, Electronic Parts Maker can consider various semiconductor packages such as: QFP, SOP, and BGA. Both Delphi and Two-Resistor modeling are also included.

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