2017 Simulating Reality Contest Winners

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Top 3 University Winners

Egypt-Japan University for Science and Technology (E-JUST)

Marc is being used to verify the FEM on a Hybrid Magnetic Bearing (HMB).

Arizona State University

Adams is being used in a co-simulation on a submerged craft that is moving through 2mm asteroid particles’ in a microgravity environment.

Samara National Research University

Adams is being used to analyze the cyclic motion of a jet nozzle sector that is under the influence of control forces in hydraulic drives.
Winners Showcase

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

MSC Nastran & Patran are being used for the modeling and analysis of the wing in static, modal, and aeroelastic analysis.

University of Missouri

Adams MaxFlex was used to calculate contact stress in a knee replacement subject.

University of Missouri- Rolla

Adams was applied to the model to simulation and analyze the dump truck-haul road for the dynamic performance examination and stress and deformation test.

Imperial College London

Marc is being for FE modelling of biological systems.


Adams was used in a joint simulation to analyze the hybrid robot vehicle dynamics.
Top 3 Industrial Winners

Maine Marine Composites, LLC

Adams is being used to simulate entanglement of a leatherback turtle in a mooring line.


Marc is being used for a plastic damage modelling analysis of a two stage clip assembly process.

CBM Wales

Simufact Additive is being used to evaluate the residual stress and distortion in a medical implant that is manufacturing with Electron Beam Melting technology.
Winners Showcase

Ten Tech LLC

MSC Apex was used to develop a FE model of a CubeSat assembly and perform first-pass design validation.

Sammy Consulting

Simufact Forming was used to simulate the jamming of a connecting rod in a situation when water gets into an engine.

Changan US R&D Center, Inc.

Adams Explore was used to enter the hardpoints for the steering into a spread sheet within an EXCEL environment without help from an analyst.

Frewer Engineering

MSC Nastran & Patran are used to achieve a cyclic symmetry analysis of a fan blade and disc assembly of a jet engine gas turbine.

Husqvarna AB

Adams was used to simulate the dynamic behavior in a chain saw.