Adams 내구성(Durability) 온디맨드 웨비나

가상 내구성 테스트에 사용할 수있는 Adams 지원 솔루션


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Do you want to improve the durability and performance of structural and mechanical systems? Do you want to minimize costs associated with durability challenges? Sign up today and watch this on-demand Adams Durability Symposium detailing the latest methods available for virtual durability testing.

Why Watch?

  • Learn of methods to identify durability issues early in the design cycle and minimize the number of expensive physical prototypes and durability tests.
  • Understand how end-to-end durability workflows involving multibody dynamics, finite element, and fatigue analysis are used to produce component-load profiles, stress time histories, fatigue life and more.
  • Discover new CAE technology to ensure the survivability of products when subjected to static and cyclic loadings.
  • View high-quality on-demand presentations from Lucid, Mahindra, Husqvarna, and more on their cutting edge virtual durability analysis and testing practices.
  • Hear about the latest durability trends, challenges, and solutions in the industry round tables.

About this Symposium
Durability testing is a critical aspect of product development. The ability to answer the question "Will it last"? can not only affect the design of a component but the entire system. Durability issues discovered late in the cycle cost time and money to fix. If they are not addressed before product launch, they lead to warranty costs and lower customer satisfaction. Optimal durability characteristics often conflict with other attributes such as NVH, and finding a way to balance these competing requirements is necessary and difficult.

From its beginning as an engineering analysis tool developed on top of an ice cream shop to its current industry leadership in multibody dynamics simulations, Adams is pervasively used in optimizing mechanism reliability and performance.

Virtual durability testing with Adams has led to significant reductions in product development cycles while yielding products with improved durability. This on-demand symposium highlights the latest Adams enabled workflows to streamline the virtual durability testing process.

Different on-demand presentations are available from multiple presenters, including industry thought leaders, durability experts and professional engineers, sharing presentations detailing their Adams enabled durability methodologies. This is a unique opportunity to view the best practices for durability analysis.

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List of Presentations
Click the link below to see a full list of available on-demand presentations.

List of Presentations