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Cradle CFD is a series of practical, state-of-the-art CFD simulation and visualization software. Embracing remarkable processing speed, refined technology, and proven practicality verified by high user satisfaction, it has been in use for diverse applications, such as Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Building and Architecture, Civil Engineering, Fans, Machinery, and Marine developments, to solve thermal and fluid problems. Incorporating the reinforced Multiphysics co-simulation and chained simulation capability to achieve couplings with Structural, Acoustic, Electromagnetic, Mechanical, One-Dimensional, Optimization, Thermal Environment, 3D CAD and other relative analysis tools, as well as award-winning postprocessing feature to generate visually powerful simulation graphics, Cradle CFD enables any level users to process advanced simulations.

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scFLOW | SC/Tetra
Thermo-Fluid Analysis System (Unstructured Mesh)

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scSTREAM | HeatDesigner
Thermo-Fluid Analysis System (Structured Mesh)

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Comprehensive and versatile data visualization software

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Tool for real-time thermal simulation of printed circuit boards

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