다분야 통합 시뮬레이션 솔루션
SimXpert는 단일 시뮬레이션 플랫폼을 통해 모든 단계의 시뮬레이션 프로세스를 지원합니다.
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SimXpert는 제품의 시뮬레이션을 지원하는 통합 CAE 환경입니다. SimXpert는 시뮬레이션의 정확도는 높이면서 해석 시간은 단축시켜 설계 생산성을 향상시키고, 우수한 제품을 더욱 신속하게 시장에 출시할 수 있도록 돕습니다. 이를 위해 SimXpert는 다분야 통합 해석 기능, 최적의 시뮬레이션 기법 및 고급 사용자 지정을 모두 하나의 엔지니어링 환경에 통합했습니다. SimXpert의 통합 엔지니어링 환경은 엔지니어링 워크 플로우에서 분석 및 설계에 필요한 도구의 수를 줄이고 해석자 및 설계자가 중요한 정보를 더 원활하게 공유할 수 있도록 해줍니다.

SimXpert는 기존의 ‘마술’과 같은 작업에서 시뮬레이션 중심의 과학을 기반으로 톱 디자인을 바꿀 수 있도록 해 주었습니다. MSC 제품은 Starree Vesatix MP 띠톱 블레이드와 같이 보다 혁신적인 제품을 개발할 수 있도록 도와주었습니다.”
- Andrew Lee, Technical Manager
L.S. Starrett Jedburgh UK Saw Devision
Structures Workspace

Motion Workspace

Thermal Workspace

Crash Workspace

SimXpert provides a platform for expert analysts to complete all stages of the simulation process – from pre-processing and modeling, solving, to post-processing, results manipulation and reporting – within one simulation environment. The SimXpert environment includes workspaces that allow the analyst to easily move from one area of expertise to another while sharing data models and results.

Use a unified simulation environment to:

  • Create complex virtual prototypes
  • Conduct demanding virtual tests
  • Evaluate large amounts of results
  • Create organized reports

The available workspace are as follows:

Structures Workspace
  • Perform comprehensive linear and nonlinear finite element analysis
  • Layout advanced FEA testing for stress, thermal, vibration, and contact events
Motion Workspace
  • Predict working loads arising from system interactions
  • Use multibody dynamics to analyze the behavior of different components, connections, and forces in complete mechanical systems

Thermal Workspace
  • Study thermal performance by utilizing steady-state heat transfer, free/forced conduction, and thermo-mechanical analysis
Explicit/Crash Workspace
  • Perform large deformation, highly nonlinear, short duration transient dynamic analyses for both structural impact and coupled fluid-structure problems such as fan blade out scenarios and stent deployment in arteries
  • Ensure safety and crashworthiness by using SimXpert's numerous tools
  • Extend your simulation with SimXpert's unique capabilities including dummy positioning, seat belt routing, airbag deployment, and explicit impact analysis

System and Controls Workspace

  • Simulate control systems for: electrical, thermal, hydraulic, gas dynamics, and numerous other applications
SimXpert Template Builder

CAE automation with template

Simxpert’s template builder enables engineers to:

  • Automate the CAE process by reducing the number of simulation tasks, definition of loads, materials, properties, etc.
  • Expand analyses by taking advantage of highly customizable templates.
  • Import IGES, Parasolid, CATIA V4, CATIA V5, Pro/ENGINEER, ACIS, STEP and STL data for FE modeling
Motion structure integration: stresses in a lower control arm

Engine block structural thermal analysis

Engineers can perform integrated multidisciplinary analyses on virtual prototypes ranging from components to complex systems. This enables simulation of product behavior under real-world loading and environmental conditions, including the complex interactions between engineering disciplines, without the inefficiencies of deploying multiple point technologies or relying on costly physical prototypes.

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