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Advanced Nonlinear & Multiphysics

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Marc combines to deliver a complete solution (pre-processing, solution, and post-processing) for implicit nonlinear FEA. Marc provides the easiest to use and most robust capabilities for contact, large strain, and multiphysics analysis available today to solve static and quasi-static nonlinear problems.

Marc has no such limitations. Built from its first day to solve nonlinear problems, Marc uses advanced mathematics and FE technology to consistently obtain converged solutions for highly nonlinear problems involving nonlinear materials, large strain and displacement, and contact. Marc also incorporates serious multiphysics capabilities, enabling engineers to simulate situations involving coupling between structures, thermal, fluid, acoustics, electrical, and magnetics.

The following e-Learning courses are available through an MSC Academic e-Learning Subscription. Click here to learn how to register.

Marc Related Student Stories & Case Studies

McMaster University

Finite Element Modeling of Stable Unbonded-Fiber Reinforced Elastomeric Isolators (SUFREIs) using Marc

Texas A&M University

Assessing the Biomechanical Impact of Medical Devices Using MSC Software at Texas A&M University

Rush University Medical Center / Chemnitz University

Rush University Medical Center uses MSC software to simulate artificial cartilage

University of Stellenbosch

Accelerating the Design of an Aortic Valve using MSC Software

Pukyong National University

Dynamic Deformation Characteristics of an Automotive AC Hose Using Marc