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We take great pride in our contribution to the development of the world's leading products that play a vital role in shaping how we live, work and play.
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Dominic GallelloFor half a century, MSC has been delivering certainty to our customers. By simulating the reality of complex manufactured systems through our software, we deliver certainty… so our users can delight their customers with great products, and certainty in business results by reducing time to bring the right products to market, reduce physical testing and warranty claims long after product design is over.

We do this by pushing the edge of physics and the latest computing technology to simulate real world behaviors. These principles that MSC was founded upon continue as our guiding light. We help to make cars safer and more efficient, airplanes more aerodynamic and more comfortable for passengers, ships stronger and able to travel longer distances, machinery run more efficiently and with less maintenance, and medical devices more effective to help us to live longer.

Our customers are faced with difficult questions every day; can I reduce the time it takes to develop? Will it work? Will it be innovative? Will it be safe? Will it be fuel efficient? Will it provide a new standard of passenger comfort? Will it last longer? Will it beat my competition? By knowing exactly how products will behave before they are built, manufacturers can deliver better products faster and with more reliability.

The first adopter of simulation technology was the aerospace industry. The challenge of safe flight from the very first test drove an industry to push the state of the art in simulation technology, long before any other industry. MSC became a trusted partner with the world's leading aerospace companies, delivering certainty every step of the way. In 2003, NASA put a value to society in excess of 10 billion dollars on the NASTRAN structural analysis simulation software delivered by MSC. Eventually, this kind of simulation technology became broadly adopted in nearly every industry from automotive to machinery, energy, infrastructure, consumer products and medical devices. Virtually every major OEM in the world is an MSC customer.

Dominic Gallello
President & CEO


Dominic Gallello's keynote speech at 2017 Hexagon Live conference in Las Vegas, NV, USA. Dominic describes MSC's history, autonomous vehicle and Additive Manufacturing stategies and how they would fit into Hexagon's "Factory of the Future" vision.