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Hardware and Software Requirements
MSC Apex supports the following Microsoft Windows hardware and software.

Computer Requirements

Hardware Platforms Intel Core 2 Duo, I7 and Intel Xeon, Intel Core 2 Quad
Memory 8 GB Minimum
16 GB (or higher) Recommended
Swap Space/Page File Swap = 1.5 times the memory size.
Disk Space 12-20GB*
Operating Systems Windows 10 Professional 64-bit :
1903: Certified
1709, 1803: Available
Other 3 Button Mouse
Active network card for licensing.
Graphics Devices 1280x1024 or higher resolution

The application may actually run with fewer resources than shown, but we recommend these minimums for practical use. These guidelines are based on typical use.

Note: *Benchmark testing suggests that up to a 30% increase in performance of simulation can be realized if the operating system, MSC Apex installation and the Solver Scratch directory is on a Solid State Disk compared to the same installation on a SATA hard disk drive. MSC Apex may not be installed on shared or mapped network drives.