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Actran Student Edition

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Actran has long been recognized as the reference tool for acoustic simulation in the automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding and audio devices industries.

Actran's extensive acoustics numerical computation capabilities help engineers reduce noise and improve the sound quality of their products. It is an essential tool for analyzing noise related problems from powertrains to sound transmission through a cockpit and fuselage. In addition to reducing noise, Actran helps engineers improve the sound of products, such as telephones, washing machines and cameras. Explore the simulation of sound. Download the free Actran Student Edition now.

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Engineers must understand the behavior of sound in order to subsequently design, analyze and control it. Analyze sound radiation, absorption and propagation with Actran Acoustics, the foundation module of the Actran family, for applications such as intake and exhaust noise, including complex mufflers and silencers and sound absorption inside passenger compartment of cars, trains and aircrafts. Read more about Actran Acoustics.


Vibration is a chief concern of engineers. Unwanted noise is often caused by vibration and by altering and eliminating it, the problem is often reduced. Visualize how vibro-acoustics affects the design of large machines so that their operation is smooth without unwanted vibration with the Vibro-Acoustics module in the Actran Student Edition. Read more about Actran VibroAcoustics.

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