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Participants in the MSC's Competency Challenge will take a multiple-choice test which examines their understanding of the Simulation technology concepts and in particular with MSC's product knowledge and functions. Fifty questions are randomly assigned from a database; for each question, the correct answer must be chosen from among either two choices (True / False) or four choices (multiple choices). While taking the test, participants get ninety seconds to answer each question. If they do not submit an answer within ninety seconds, they can no longer select an answer to that particular question, and they are prompted to proceed to the next question.

Participant scores will be displayed immediately after completion of test, along with an Email being sent. For scores of 80 % or above, participants can choose to have their Competency Challenge results published in the MSC 'User Recognition' web-database to compare their knowledge with fellow MSC users.

  • Users can take as many 'practice tests' as desired.
  • Official MSC product certification is currently only available to users in India. This will be soon available to users in other parts of the world.

Practice Test

Try it out - take a quick 10 question practice test. There is no registration required.

MSC Nastran Practice Test       Adams Practice Test