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SimAcademy Webinar Series

SimAcademy webinars have interactive elements of knowledge that is shared and discussions are held between the presenter and the audience. The objective of this program is to teach MSC Software users “snippets” of knowledge to help them get the most out of their investment with MSC Software.

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At MSC, we consistently strive to offer the best-in-class knowledge support to our customers. The SimAcademy Webinar Series guides the user in:

  • Building and refining simulation models
  • Automating modeling and simulation tasks
  • Discovering advanced modeling techniques

The sessions are hosted courtesy of the MSC Technical Support Team, and the presenters are from the diverse range of experts from within MSC. All MSC customers are invited to be one of the limited numbers of registrants for every new SimAcademy Webinar. Each session is recorded and available for future playback to MSC customers at MSC SimCompanion support portal (Archives).

For more information, such as how to register as an attendee and the frequency of webinars, visit the SimAcademy Webinar Series program description page.