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Simulating Reality Contest

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Gold Anniversary Winners


Validated the landing sequence and determined loads on subassemblies and components on the Curiosity Rover during its historic landing sequence on Mars.
MSC Products Illustrated: Adams

Jaguar Landrover, UK

Simulating automatic transmission torque converter performance to make damper selection more robust and shorten the development cycle.
MSC Products Illustrated: Adams

Big Tyre Pty. Ltd., Australia

Developing and simulating an innovative non-pneumatic, non-solid tire for improved safety and productivity in mining equipment.
MSC Products Illustrated: AFEA (Patran and Marc)
Winners Showcase

BENG Consultancy Ltd., UK

Studying the effects on motorcycles for structural flexibility and rider dynamics to predict design performance.
MSC Products Illustrated: Adams

Korea Metro, S. Korea

Studying the dynamic stability of the railway vehicle to improve running safety.
MSC Products Illustrated: Adams

Kumho Tire Corporation, South Korea

Performing fluid and tire interaction analysis to predict wet performance in tire development.
MSC Products Illustrated: Dytran & MSC Nastran

CSIR-Nat'l Aerospace Laboratories, India

Simulating the expansion joints in an ECS (Environmental Control System) for a light transport aircraft to minimize the testing time and reduce the development cost.
MSC Products Illustrated: MSC Nastran

Magna, USA

Performing DOE (Design of Experiment) on critical design elements of an innovative seating system to reduce the development cycle by 2/3 of the traditional design cycle.
MSC Products Illustrated: Adams

Infosys Limited, India

Conducting stress analysis on a human heart to understand the stress and deformation pattern within heart tissues subjected to pressure loads.
MSC Products Illustrated: Patran and MSC Nastran

University of Aveiro, Portugal

Analyzing the contact behavior under critical situations in a new TMJ (Temporomandibular) implant to improve the living conditions of patients suffering from diseases with the TMJ joint.
MSC Products Illustrated: Marc