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MSC Software is committed to supporting the learning of future engineers and makes available to eligible students industry-strength mechanical analysis applications and learning resources.

Student Editions

The MSC Software Student Editions are a free suite of mechanical analysis applications, commonly used in the engineering profession. The Student Editions are ideal for future engineers, whether used in or outside of class. The Student Editions are reserved for existing students currently enrolled in an engineering program at a university. Note that the Student Editions are limited to small scale simulations models.

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Student Competitions

For engineering students currently involved in academic competitions, such as Formula SAE or BAJA SAE Series, MSC Software makes available to eligible candidates free mechanical analysis software. Click here for a list of qualified competitions or registration details.

Student Tutorials

A collection of learning resources, including YouTube hosted video tutorials, tutorial kits, and more, can be found in our Learning Resources. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these learning materials. Click here to access the Learning Resources.