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Simufact Technical Presentations

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Study on the determination of optimal parameters for the simulation of the forming process of thick sheets
I. Harter, J. de Souza, A. Buijk, Z. Pursell
First Congresso do BDDRG (Brazilian Deep Drawing Research Group), Porto Alegre, Brazil, October 2014


The Virtual Weld
H. Schafstall
International Sheet Metal Review (ISMR) February 2014


Simulation-based numerical optimization of arc welding process for reduced distortion in welded structures
M. Islam, A. Buijk, M. Rais-Rohani, K. Motoyama
Finite Elements in Analysis and Design 84 (2014) p.54-64


Die Life Optimisation by Numerical Modelling with Simufact Forming
G. Mc Bain, H. Schafstall, R. Gupta
FOCUS Issue 2 2013


Numerical Modeling of Ironing Process
D. Adamovic, V. Mandic, M. Zivkovic, Z. Gulisija, M. Stefanovic, M. Topalovic, S. Aleksandrovic
Journal for Technology of Plasticity, Vol. 38 (2013), Number 2


Computational Optimization of Arc Welding Parameters Using Coupled Genetic Algorithms and Finite Element Method
M. Islam, J. Rohbrecht, A. Buijk, E. Namazi, B. Liu, T. Kurosu, K. Motoyama
2013 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE 2013)


Virtual Description of Bulk Sheet Metal Forming Processes considering Multiphase Models Regarding Their Adjustment of Product Properties
H. Schafstall, I. Neubauer, R. Bernhardt, G. Mc Bain
IDDRG 2013 Conference, June 2-5, Zurich, Switzerland


Modelling the section rolling process and microstructures of the rolling stock by latest simulation tools
R. Bernhardt, F. Philipp
Der Kalibreur, Volume 74/2013


Hybrid Analysis of Gear Rolling Process
M. Milbrandt, T. Druwe, S. Schiller, M. Lahl, R. Müller, U. Hellfritzsch, H. Bräunlich
2013 14th Simufact Round Table


Hot extrusion die design and process simulation of an unsymmetrical structure
J. Sheu, J. Liang


Setup of radial-axial ring rolling process
G. Berti, M. Monti


From cast ingots to the heat treated part
H. Schafstall, G. Mc Bain, C. Barth, J. Terhaar, J. Jaromileck, R. Sauermann
ICRF, 2012


Enhanced capability of metal forming simulation tools
R. Bernhardt, A. Buijk, D. Steffes-Lai
FIA Tech Conference, 2012


Aluminum Automotive Rivet Forming
M. Walker, R. Ashley
Fastener Technology International, August 2012


The technical trend and future of the simulation of the precision forging in Japan
S. Hamaya
2012 13th Simufact Round Table


Modeling of Machine and Tool Elasticity in Coupled Forging Simulation
M. Tannert, C. Brecher, S. Baumler, K. Bakarinow
2012 13th Simufact Round Table


Anistropic Damage Evolution of Tools During Forging Process
K. Hayakawa
2012 13th Simufact Round Table


Simulation process of thick plates manufacturing
A. Salienko
2012 13th Simufact Round Table


Virtual Conditioning of Progressive Dies Increasing Productivity and Quality
E. Kohnert
2012 13th Simufact Round Table


Simulation of a sheet forming process with using of the Lemaitre damage model
A. Romanov, S.V. Skorokhod
2012 13th Simufact Round Table


Finite Element Simulation of Hot Continuous Rolling of 37Mn5 Tube Billet and Roll Pass Optimization
H. Hong, Y. Kang
2012 13th Simufact Round Table


Numerical modelling of sheet metal guillotining process
G.A. Berti, M. Monti
2012 13th Simufact Round Table


Process Simulation of closed profiles by chaining of forming and welding simulations, using Simufact Forming & Simufact Welding
H. Schafstall, A. Buijk
2011 37th CONSOLDA 2011


Newest developments in metal forming process simulations to meet future requirements
H. Schafstall, M. Wohlmuth, C. Barth, G. Barton
Fellbach, 2011


Simulating Ring Rolling
A. Buijk
Forging Magazine, July/Aug 2011


Manufacturing Supported by Process Simulation
H. Schafstall
2011 31st SENAFOR 2011


Full Automatic Vertical Ring Rolling Mill (VRRM) for Rolling Rings With Profiled Cross Section
E. Oka, R. Higashi, T. Nomiyama
2011 18th International Forgemasters Meeting, IFM 2011.


Sheet-Stamping Process Simulation and Optimization
C. Tamasco, M. Rais-Rohani, A. Buijk
2011 52nd AIAA/ASCE/AHS/ASC Structures, Structural Dynamics and Materials Conference.


Praxis-Orientated Modeling of Tool & Machine Elasticity in Metal Forming Processes
G. Barton, C. Barth, M. Wohlmuth, H. Schafstall, M. Tannert
2011 10th International Conference on Technology of Plasticity, ICTP 2011.


An Innovate Approach to Automated Simulation of Full 3D Ring Rolling Process and Other Incremental Forming Processes
H. Schafstall, C. Barth
2010 13th International Conference on Metal Forming, Metal Forming 2010.


Simulation and Analysis of Hot Forging Process for Industrial Locking Gear Elevators
M. Maarefdoust, M. Kadkhodayan
2010 10th International Conference on Numerical Methods in Industrial Forming Process, Numiform 2010, 2010-06-13.


Simulation of the Cold Forging Process in Fastener Manufacture
U. Ince, M. Güden


Considering the Solidification Structure of VAR Ingots in the Numerical Simulation of the Cogging Process
J. Terhaar, J. Poppenhäger, D. Bokelmann, H. Schafstall, K. Kelkar
2010 7th International Symposium on Superalloy 718 and Derivatives.


Design Robustness & Process Capability by Simufact & 6 Sigma
K. Wang
2010 Simufact 12th Roundtable.


Investigation of the Roller Straightening Process for Long Products
K. van Putten, T. Daube
2010 Simufact 12th Roundtable.


Local Approach to Fracture in Metal Forming
C. Soyarslan, A. Tekkaya
2010 Simufact 12th Roundtable.


FEM Analysis of the Forming Process of Automotive Suspension Springs
G. Berti, M. Monti
2010 Simufact 12th Roundtable.


Cold Forged Fastener Development Utilizing Simufact Forming
N. Crowgey
2010 Simufact 12th Roundtable.


Simulation Based Optimization of a Hot Forging Process to Avoid a Lap Using Simufact Forming
A. Buijk, H. Sehgal
2010 SENAFOR Conference.

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Wear Analysis of Hot Forging Dies
S. Abachi, M. Akkok, M. Gokler
2010 Tribology International, Volumes 43, Pages 467-473

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3D FE Analysis on the Product Defects of Composites Formed by Liquid-Solid Extrusion Process
Z. Want, L. Qi, J. Zhou
2009 Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Volume 209, Issue 4, Pages 2068-2076

Copy-right Protected

Numerical Investigating the Effect of Machining Parameters on Residual Stresses in Orthogonal Cutting
M. Mohammadpour, M. Razfar, R. Saffar
2009 Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory

Copy-right Protected

Analysis of Thermal Behavior During Equal Channel Multi-Angular Pressing by the 3-Dimensional Finite Volume Method
H. Kim
2009 Materials Science and Engineering, Volume 503, Issues 1-2, Pages 130-136

Copy-right Protected

Forging of Mg-3Al-1Zn-1Ca Alloy Prepared by High-Frequency Electromagnetic Casting
W. Kim, H. Lee, J. Park, M.Kim, U.Yoon
2009 Materials & Design, Volumes 30, Issue 10, Pages 4120-4125

Copy-right Protected

Hydrodynamic Effects of Macroscopic Deterministic Surface Structures in Cold Forging Processes
P. Groche, J. Stahlmann, J. Hartel, M. Kohler
2009 Tribology International, Volumes 42, Pages 1173-1179


(in German) Efficient Simulation of Incremental Sheet Metal Forming Processes by means of Static Condensation
G. Sebastiani, I. Stoyanova, A. Guner, A. Brosius, A. Tekkaya
2009 Simufact 11th Roundtable.


(in German) Thoughts on the Current Situation in the Forging Industry from the Perspective of a Machine Manufacturer
A. Lieb
2009 Simufact 11th Roundtable.


(in German) Elastic-Plastic Die Stress Simulation During Cold- and Hot-Forming
H. Schafstall
2009 Simufact 11th Roundtable.


(in German) Hot Forging of Hollow Bass Parts
A. Hagen
2009 Simufact 11th Roundtable.


Metal Forming Simulations - Their Use in Aluminum Forming Applications
C. Önder
2009 Simufact 11th Roundtable.


An Innovative Approach to Sheet Metal Forming Simulation for Higher Accuracy, Using 3D Solid Elements in Simufact Forming
A. Buijk
2009 SENAFOR Conference.


Simulation Based Optimization of a Cold Heading Process to Extend Die Life, using Simufact Forming
A. Buijk, C. Schultz
2009 SENAFOR Conference.


Optimization of Die Design for Forging of a Turbo-Charger Impeller and a Ring Gear Using Process Simulation
J. Gunasekera, M. Al-Moheib, F. Al-Mufadi
2009 SENAFOR Conference.


Bulk Steel Products with Functionally Graded Properties Produced by Differential Thermo-mechanical Processing
U. Weidig, K. Hubner, K. Steinhoff

Copy-right Protected

Effect of Material Parameters on Stress Wave Propagation During Fast Upsetting
Z. Wang, L. Cheng
2008 Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China, Volume 18, Issue 5, Pages 1189-1195

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A New Approach to Preform Design in Forging Process of Complex Parts
M. Sedighi, S. Tokmechi
2008 Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Volumes 197, Issues 1-3, Pages 314-324


(in German) Hot Sheet Metal Forming Increasing in Popularity
I. Neubauer
2008 Simufact 10th RoundTable.


(in German) Technology Development for Flat-Clinch Processes
U. Beyer
2008 Simufact 10th RoundTable.


Finite Volume and Finite Element Integration in Simufact Forming
A. Buijk
2008 SENAFOR Conference.

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FE Simulation of Center Crack Occurrence in Tube Rounds During Two-Roll Rotary Rolling Process
S.Z. Li, J. Xu, Y.D. Yin, J.G. Xue, F. Pan, J.M. Zheng, J.H. Yoon
2007 Acta Metallurgica Sinica (English Letters), Volume 20, Issue 3, Pages 225-234

Copy-right Protected

Development of the Profile Ring Rolling Process for Large Slewing Rings of Alloy Steels
K.H. Kim, H.G. Suk, M.Y. Huh
2007 Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Volumes 187-188, Pages 730-733


Simulating Manufacturing Processes of Thick Blanks, Applied to a Torque Converter Cover
H. Schafstall
2006 Presented at a Kolloquium of the European Research Association for Sheet Metal Working (EFB)

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Studies of the Mechanisms for Buckling and Waving in Aluminum Extrusion by Use of a Lagrangian FEM Software
F. Halvorsen, T. Aukrust
2006 International Journal of Plasticity, Volume 22, Issues 1, Pages 158-173

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Simulation of Welding Chamber Conditions for Composite Profile Extrusion
M. Kleiner, M. Schikorra
2006 Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Volume 177, Issues 1-3, Pages 587-590
Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Metal Forming 20006

Copy-right Protected

Cross-wedge Rolling by Means of One Flat Wedge and Two Shaped Rolls
Z. Pater, A. Gontarz, W. Weroriski
2006 Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Volume 177, Issues 1-3, Pages 550-554
Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Metal Forming 20006

Copy-right Protected

Investigation of a Slab Method Analysis and FEM Simulation on Rotating Compression Forming of Ring
G. Tzou, H. Hsu, Y. Hsiao
2006 Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Volume 177, Issues 1-3, Pages 150-153

Copy-right Protected

Effect of Anvil Geometry on the Stretching of Cylinders
D.I. Buteler, P.C.U. Neves, L.V. Ramos, C.E.R. Santos, R.M. Souza, A. Sinatora
2006 Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Volume 179, Issues 1-3, Pages 50-55
3rd Brazilian Congress on Manufacturing Engineering

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Investigation of Lubrication Effect on the Backward Extrusion of Thin-walled Rectangular Aluminum Case with Large Aspect Ratio
S.H. Kim, S.W. Chung, S. Padmanaban
2006 Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Volume 180, Pages 185-192

Copy-right Protected

Numerical Simulation and Die Structure Optimization of an Aluminum Rectangular Hollow Pipe Extrusion Process
W. Xianghong, Z. Guoqun, L. Yiguo, M. Xinwu
2006 Materials Science and Engineering A, Volumes 435-436, Pages 266-274

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Numerical Modelling of Cross-Wedge Rolling Process of Ball Pin
Z. Pater, J. Bartnicki, G.Samolyk
2005 Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Volumes 164-165, Pages 1235-1240
AMPT/AMME05 Part 2

Copy-right Protected

Numberical Simulation of Three-Rolls Cross-Wedge Rolling of Hollowed Shaft
J. Bartnicki, Z. Pater
2005 Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Volumes 164-165, Pages 1154-1159
AMPT/AMME05 Part 2

Copy-right Protected

Finite Element Simulation of Deformation Behavior of Pure Aluminum During Equal Channel Angular Pressing
W.J. Zhao, H. Ding, Y.P. Ren, S.M. Hao, J. Wang, J.T. Wang
2005 Materials Science and Engineering A, Volumes 410-411, Pages 348-352
The Langdon Symposium: Flow and forming of Crystalline Materials


Numerical Modeling of Cross Wedge Rolling of Hollowed Shafts
A. Pater, J. Bartnicki, A. Gontarz, W. Weronski


Simulation of Phase Transformation in Hot Forging Dies During a Precision Forging Process by Means of Finite Element Analysis
E. Doege, B. Behrens, F. Schaefer


Modeling and Simulation of Combined Extrusion for Spark Plug Body Parts
T. Canta, D. Noveanu, D. Frunza


Gear Forging Using Cyclic Symmetry

2004.2 Copy-right Protected

Computer-Aided Analysis of the Forging Process
M. Sraml, J. Stupan, I. Potre
2004 The International Journal of Advanced manufacturing Techology, Volume 23, Numbers 3-4, Pages 161-168

Copy-right Protected

The Aspects of Stability in Cross-Wedge Rolling Processes of Hollowed Shafts
J. Bartnicki, Z. Pater
2004 Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Volumes 155-156, Pages 1867-1873
Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies: Part 2

Copy-right Protected

Verification of the Damage Model of Effective Stresses in Cold and Warm Forging Operations by Experimental Testing and FE Simulations
A. Behrens, H. Just
2002 Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Volumes 125-126, Pages 295-301

Copy-right Protected

Extension of the Forming Limits in Cold and Warm Forging by the FE Based Fracture Analysis With the Integrated Damage Model of Effective Stresses
A. Behrens, H. Just
2002 Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Volumes 125-126, Pages 235-241

Copy-right Protected

A Study on the Automated Process Planning System for Cold Forging of Non-Axisymmetric Parts Using FVM Simulation
B.K. Lee, H.H. Kwon, H.Y. Cho
2002 Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Volumes 130-131, Pages 524-531


Simulation of the Forging Process Incorporating Strain-Induced Phase Transformation Using the Finite Volume Method. (Part II; Effects of Strain Rate on Structural Change and Mechanical Behavior)
P. Ding, D. Ju, T. Inoue, S. Imatani, E. de Vries
2001 Materials Science Research International, Volume 7, Number 1, Pages 27-33


Simulation of the Forging Process Incorporating Strain-Induced Phase Transformation Using the Finite Volume Method. (Part I; Basic Theory and Numerical Methodology)
P. Ding, D. Ju, T. Inoue, S. Imatani, E. de Vries
2001 Materials Science Research International, Volume 7, Number 1, Pages 19-26

Copy-right Protected

3D Flow Analysis Inside Shear and Streamlined Extrusion Dies for Feeder Plate Design
B.V. Mehta, I. Al-Zkeri, J.S. Gunasekera, A.J. Buijk
2001 Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Volume 113, Pages 93-97


Forging Process Design for Vaughan's 999, 20 Oz. Claw hammer, using MSC.SuperForge
J. Freburg, A.J. Buijk
2001 SME Forging Technology Solutions


Prediction of Ductile Fracture in Metal Blanking
A.M. Goijaerts, L.E. Govaert, F.P.T. Baaijens


Application of The Finite Volume Method to Upset Forging of Cylinders
A.J. Buijk
2000 Forging Fair


Evaluation of MSC.SuperForge for 3D Simulation of Streamlined and Shear Extrusion Dies
B.V. Mehta, I. Al-Zkeri, J.S. Gunasekera, A.J. Buijk, P.J.Mendoza
2000 MSC Users Conference