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Thermo-fluid analysis with polyhedral mesh
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Cradle v2020 is available today:
New aero-acoustics simulation in Cradle CFD v2020 makes it easy to analyse flow-induced noise in scFLOW by seamlessly connecting to the Actran acoustics simulation software through a dedicated plugin. It enables the user to simulate aeroacoustics such as the noise from a car door mirror in a single software environment without learning to use acoustics software or spend time coupling systems.

Noise from Door Mirror calculated by scFLOW2Actran

Another significant development adds Discrete Element Method (DEM) to CFD and thermal dynamics within the scFLOW environment, reducing the complexity and manual work required to simulate fluids with particles. For example, optimizing the energy and water usage of a washing machine. Using the new DEM feature, it is possible to evaluate heat transfer and filtering in isolation, or combine it with CFD analysis and other physics types.

Conveyer and Washing machine simulations calculated by DEM and CFD coupling

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scFLOW is developed to become the new state-of-the-art tool with the breadth of new technologies and simple practical features. The software is currently equipped with a new solver designed with higher stability and up to three times faster calculation speed than before. The new preprocessor helps entry-level users build complicated models and high-quality meshes.


  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Unified Project File
  • Reduced Steady-state Computational Up To 3x
  • Overset Mesh

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