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Comprehensive and versatile data visualization software
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Cradle v2020 is available today:
Cosimulation with MSC Software simulation solutions including MSC Nastran, Marc and Adams have been enhanced to rapidly generate high quality static and dynamic visualisations in scPOST. Cradle, and all MSC Software products including Actran can be accessed through the MSC One token-based licensing system so it is easy for anyone to access and use any tool to produce more realistic multi-physics simulations.

Combined visualization of FEM and CFD by scPOST from MSC CoSim Engine Results

scPOST also makes product and engineering design reviews more accessible for designers, customers or business management. Any simulation through video export, virtual reality or interactive 3D models.

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In Postprocessor, you can visualize the simulation results calculated in Solver. It is effective for product design reviews because in Postprocessor, you can check, for example, temperature distribution at the places that cannot be measured or observed in the actual products. You can output not only still images but also animations, as well as output files for CradleViewer.

Software Features



Oil flow

Volume rendering


Compatible formats for import/export

  Formats supported Other format
  • MSC Nastran2018 (.h5)
  • MSC Marc 2018 (.t19, .t16)
  • Generic format for fluid data (.cgns)
    [ADF only]
  • Images (BMP, PNG)
  • 3D geometry data (STL, OBJ)
  • Generic format for fluid data (.cgns)
    [Only ADF can be exported through scCONVERTER]
  • Images (BMP, JPEG, PNG)
  • Animation (AVI, WMV)
  • 3D geometry data (STL, VRML, FBX)

For general and product specific platform support, please visit our Platform Support page.