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Simufact Forming

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Simufact Forming covers the complete spectrum of forming technologies and guarantees a realistic portrayal of the processes with full 3D functionality and 3D representation of all the tools and parts. Accurate simulations are possible by capturing the key aspects that affect the processes, which include:

  • The kinematics of the machine,
  • Nonlinear material behavior of the workpiece including plasticity, rate dependency and temperature effects,
  • Friction and contact between tools and forming parts,
  • Self-contact of forming parts to predict folds, and
  • Thermodynamics of the process: initial heating conditions, temperature increase due to forming energy and friction, and heat transfer between tools, workpiece and environment.

Multiple modules are available to address the processes of interest to you. The core module of Forming Hub includes the key functionality necessary for the operating and handling ability of the simulation software (GUI, solver, material database etc.), along with capabilities to perform cold forming and hot forging simulations. Users can choose from any of the others listed below to augment their simulation capabilities.

  • Sheet metal forming
  • Rolling
  • Ring rolling
  • Open die forging
  • Heat treatment
  • Mechanical joining

Additional modules are available to help with die stress analysis and microstructure calculations, faster performance, CAD import, customization, and access to material databases.

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