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In this class you will be exposed to different ways of using contact in MSC Nastran's Linear Static and Normal Modes solutions. This includes setting up contact bodies, both touching and glued contact, and interpretation of results. Patran is used for pre- and post-processing.

2 days
Pre-requisites : 
NAS120 (Linear Static Analysis Using MSC Nastran and Patran)
or PAT301 (Introduction to Patran), NAS101A (Linear Static and Normal Modes Analysis using MSC Nastran), and NAS101B (Advanced Linear Analysis using MSC Nastran) or equivalent.

The above concepts are reinforced with various case studies and workshops.

  • Topics:
    • Concepts of Contact in Linear MSC Nastran Analysis
    • Defining and Creating Contact Bodies
    • Job Setup
    • Contact Detection
    • Contact Tables
    • Fundamental Contact Controls to Obtain Convergence in Linear Analysis
    • Glued Contact
    • Shell Contact
    • Friction
    • Interference Fit
    • Contact Results Output
Oct 7, 2020 to Oct 8, 2020
MSC Headquarters - Newport Beach CA
4675 MacArthur Court
Newport Beach, CA 92660
United States
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