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Products: Digimat-MF, Digimat-FE, Digimat-MX, Digimat-CAE and Digimat-Map

This course will teach the student how to use the Digimat products to virtually elevate the performance of new composite material design and to apply this Digimat material model in their FE Analysis of a composite part that has fiber orientations predicted by an injection modeling or draping simulation.

Who should attend: Engineers involved in the design of new composite materials  or/and in the structural analysis of parts using composite materials.

2 days
Pre-requisites : 
Basic theoretical knowledge of material constitutive models (elasticity, elasto-plasticity) is advised. A good knowledge on MSC Nastran or Marc is welcome.
  • Introduction to the Digimat Graphical User Interface 
  • Mean-field homogenization theory as well as the material models available in Digimat-MF
  • Material Database management and automatic calibration of Digimat materials in Digimat-MX
  • Coupling of Digimat with FEA code in Digimat-CAE. Introduction to the micro solution procedure and brief presentation of the failure criteria definition
  • Mapping of fiber orientation tensors, initial stresses/temperatures between two dissimilar meshes in Digimat-Mat.
  • Introduction to RVE (representative volume element) for two phases composite microstructures using Digimat-FE
  • Exporting the RVE into Nastran or Marc to run a finite element analysis on the material and post-processing of the results in Digimat-FE
  • Guided exercises to implement the different procedures presented during the course
Nov 9, 2021 to Nov 10, 2021
Virtual Classroom
United States
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