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March 2014

Bridging the Gap Between Industry and Education
Bridge the Gap  

Today's educators face significant challenges. Technology continues to progress at rapid speed. Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tools are as much a part of product manufacturers' engineering process as a pencil and ruler. Inevitably, today's engineering student requires a comprehensive education that includes a knowledge of and experience with industry standard CAE tools to design, test and analyze ideas and solve a variety of problems.

MSC's Academic Program empowers Universities to bridge the gap between industry and education. With over 50 years of developing simulation-engineering software, we understand the significant role that computational modeling and analysis can play in exploring new design concepts. Every day we collaborate with and deliver engineering simulation software to thousands of companies
around the world across transportation and non-transportation industries. We work closely with our customers to share knowledge, develop the technology and improve the manufacturing process and quality of their products.

By making the most up-to-date software technology available to Universities at nominal costs as well as numerous free learning resources, including the free MSC Student Editions, we make it easy to make meaningful, relevant and powerful "upgrade" connections to students. Read on to learn about the latest product updates to MSC's robust Academic Bundles and find out how we can work together to keep your engineering program engaging, dynamic and, most importantly, relevant.

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Product News
Product News  

Augment and enhance your engineering courses with the most up-to-date CAE products. Deliver standout experiences that promote excellence campuswide with MSC's industry leading portfolio of technologies.

Patran 2013








Marc 2013.1

As the principal GUI for MSC Nastran, the new release of Patran delivers enhanced support for MSC Nastran 2013.1, including the new Nastran Embedded Fatigue (NEF). Key features of this release include:
MSC Nastran Support:
  • Pre-and-post processing support of Nastran Embedded Fatigue capability for solver based durability calculations.
  • Easy-to-use new contact-pair modeling
  • User friendly, automatic contact body and contact creation
  • Updated MSC Nastran | Patran Student Edition, free to students currently enrolled in an engineering program.

Sinda Support:

  • New Environment Simulation Module for realistic solar heating simulation on the earth using Sinda and Thermica
  • Enhanced Thermica Integration (version 4.5.3 and later)
Watch the 'Patran 2013 Release Overview' on-demand webinar

Marc 2013.1

Simulate new classes of materials accurately with the latest release of nonlinear FEA simulation tool, Marc. Marc 2013.1 delivers improved ease-of-use, performance and new materials models.

Material Model Improvements:

  • An Anisotropic hyperelastic model for fiber reinforced rubber materials and biological tissues
  • Support for Bergström-Boyce model for rate dependency simulation in conjunction with Marlow model and the new anisotropic hyperelastic model
  • Frequency dependent damping for orthotropic materials, which is highly beneficial for dynamic analysis of composite structures


  • Ability to retain contact clearance gap between contact bodies, while maintaining contact status
  • Other improvements include more flexible, user-friendly trimming capability, and Arrhenius function for thermo-rheologically simple viscoelastic materials

Find out how Manufacturing Companies Rely on Marc
in the Nonlinear Issue of Simulating Reality.

Watch the 'Marc 2013.1 Release' webinar.


Reduce modeling time of common machinery components by as much as 80% with the newest release of Adams/Machinery, now included in the Academic Motion Bundle. Use multiple modeling productivity modules that include gears, belts, chains, bearings, cables and electric motors to build functional virtual prototypes. Create and assemble parts, connect them with joints and drive them with motion generators and forces in Adams/Machinery, a powerful simulation suite for mechanical drive systems.

Adams/Machinery 2013.2 includes:

  • Electric Motor Module: Calculate motor sizing, predict impact of motor torque on the system and achieve precise position control and much more!
  • Belt Module: A new 3D belt method for non-planar, pulley-belt simulation is now available.
  • Chain Module: A new discretized 3D method support for roller chains has been added.
  • Gear Module: In addition to the current spur, helical and bevel gears, three new gears are now supported in the latest release, including worm, rack and pinion and hypoid gears

Watch the on-demand webinar, 'Introducing Adams/Machinery'.

Introducing the Actran Student Edition
Actran Student Edition  

Now, students can start exploring the simulation of sound to learn how engineers are reducing noise and improving the sound quality of everyday products with the numerical computation capabilities in leading acoustics software tool, Actran.

Professors of acoustics, Jean-Pierre Coyette, University of Louvain in Belgium and Jean-Louis Migeot, University of Brussels, worked together to develop Actran. Find out why they believe numerical acoustics will continue to play an important role in ever-wider industrial sectors in the future. Watch the video.

The Actran Student Edition is available for free download to students from the MSC Student Center.

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