Research Update

Dr. Domaneschi's research on polypropylene pipes has concluded and he is now using Marc to analyze structural dynamics, fracture mechanics and the nonlinear behavior of structural components of bridges and dams.

His article, 'Experimental and Numerical Study of Standard Impact Tests on Polypropylene Pipes with Brittle Behavior' has been published in the Journal of Engineering Manufacture.

Dr. Marco Domaneschi
Politecnico Di Milano, Italy

RESEARCH GOALS: Dr. Domaneschi and the research team at Politecnico Di Milano are working to develop and propose a straightforward methodology for simulating fracture in polypropylene pipes.


  • Follow the fracture path evolution.
  • Reproduce fracture branching.

MSC RESEARCH ASSIST AWARD: Dr. Domanesci and the Politecnico Di Milano were awarded Marc to simulate the impact effects on polypropylene pipes to accurately identify and rapidly predict damage.

BIO: Dr. Marco Domanesci holds a PhD degree in Civil and Architectural Engineering, with an emphasis on structural control and health monitoring from the University of Pavia and an MSc degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Pavia, where he also performed structural analysis of dams and undergrounds.

Mr. Domaneschi has also spent three years in a post-doctoral research program at the Technical University of Milan, cooperating with an R&D industrial department of piping solutions.

Dr. Domaneschi has also authored and co-authored several papers that have been presented at international conferences and published in scientific journals. His interests span from structural control and monitoring to risk analysis, stochastic processes and dynamic of structures, fracture mechanics, numerical analysis and simulation and structural identification.