Research Update

Prasad Chougule's research on the influence of wind turbine blade pitch control on non-linear aeroelastic damping using Adams is progressing. He plans to present his findings at the 5th International Conference on Energy and Sustainability in Malaysia in December and at the IFToMM 2015 World Congress in Taiwan in October 2015.

Prasad Chougule
Aalborg University, Denmark

RESEARCH GOALS: To investigate influence of wind turbine blade pitch control on nonlinear aeroelastic damping and develop a numerical model of wind turbine with blade pitch controller.


  • Develop numerical simulation of tip displacement of large scale wind turbines
  • Analyze the effect of pitch controller on large blade displacements by combining analytical and numerical methods
  • Create numerical modeling of active blade pitch control mechanism for vertical axis wind turbine and validation with experimental results.

MSC RESEARCH ASSIST AWARD: Mr. Chougule and Aalborg University are using Adams for the modeling of the wind turbine with reduced degrees of freedom defined in fixed and moving frames of reference.

Bio: Prasad Chougule earned a Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering from Shivaji University in India in 2006 and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Mechatronics from The University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany in 2010. Mr. Chougule has two years of industrial experience working as a design engineer for the automation and robotics industry in India.

Currently, Mr. Chougule is working as a PhD student under the Marie Curie Scholarship in the department of civil engineering at Aalborg University, Denmark. Prasad's interests are in the area of modeling of linear and non-linear systems, aerodynamics, aero elasticity, multibody dynamics of mechanical systems, structural control and experimentation of vertical axis wind turbine.