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Message from MSC's Technology Partner Program
2014 Technology Partner

It's hard to believe it is already mid-February, but I would still like to wish all of MSC's Technology Partners a successful 2014.

The excitement of MSC's 50th Anniversary in 2013 is a tough act to follow, but we are optimistic that our product plans for 2014 will enthuse our customers and partners. Our latest product updates demonstrate our focus on the future by presenting new features and capabilities that improve performance and ease-of-use across product offerings.

Digimat 5.0.1 enables non-materials experts to perform analysis of reinforced plastic materials with a new user interface, Digimat RP. FFT brings sophisticated acoustic simulation software to the classroom with the introduction of the Actran Student Edition. SimXpert 2013 enhances users'  ability to render, highlight and pick with the enhanced Graphics Display Manager. I encourage you to read on to learn about the most recent, exciting developments at MSC to ensure your solutions are compatible and customer ready.

John Janevic

New Updates to Digimat

Digimat RP


Digimat Woven Composites

Digimat RP
The newest capabilities in Digimat 5.0.1 improve the user friendliness of analyzing fiber reinforced plastics with Digimat RP (reinforced plastics), a new user interface that provides a part engineer (not necessarily a materials expert) with the ability to easily perform predictive analysis of plastic parts using an intuitive 3-step process within one single-process oriented product.

Model for the Progressive Failure of Unidirectional Composite Materials
The accuracy of analyzing unidirectional and woven composites has been improved with a new progressive failure model.  

Nonlinear Multi-scale Modeling with Digimat and
MSC Nastran

MSC Nastran Explicit Nonlinear (SOL700) is now available in the Digimat-CAE/Nastran interface supporting MSC Nastran 2013.1

Learn about these features and all the latest features in the latest release of Digimat by reading the recent press release.

Learn More - Actran Student Edition

Now Available! Actran Student Edition

Free Field Technologies (FFT), an MSC company, is proud to introduce the first student version of leading acoustics numerical computation tool, Actran, free to students and professors. The new Actran Student Edition presents the University community with the opportunity to explore the simulation of sound and gain a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of acoustics and vibration. To support learning of the Actran Student Edition, ten new tutorials are available for free download from the MSC Student Center.

Learn More - Actran Student Edition 

New Updates to SimXpert 2013

SimXpert 2013


SimXpert Graphics Display Manager


SimXpert Report Tool


SimXpert's single simulation platform enables manufacturers to reduce the number of tools in their engineering workflow making it possible to bring better products to market faster. The integrated multidiscipline analysis capabilities make accelerated and accurate simulations possible in SimXpert.

Key enhancements available in SimXpert 2013 are:

Enhanced Graphics Display Manager
The Graphics Display Manager (DM) in SimXpert has been updated with a simple, easy-to-use interface designed to help users perform tasks, such as rendering, highlighting and picking, quickly and efficiently. The new interface also includes a camera-based view for dynamic manipulation and animation.

Upgraded Report Tool
The Report Tool, located in Motion Workspace, has been improved for better performance and reducing file size, without compromising functionality. For instance, the Python model size has been reduced by approximately 85%, while its simulation speed has been increased by 25%.

These are just two of the robust advancements that have been built into the latest release of SimXpert. Other new features include a new curve imprint template, improved visualization of aero components and splines and a new support tool, Breakpad, that records any crashes and creates a 'mini dump' file that can be forwarded to MSC's support team.

To learn more about the SimXpert 2013.1 release, see the recent SimXPert 2013 Release Overview webinar.

Learn More - SimXpert 2013

Welcome New Technology Partners
The MSC Technology Partner Program is pleased to welcome three new partners to the program. Please join us in officially welcoming Brüel & Kjær, CDH and DEM Solutions to the MSC partner community. We look forward to collaborating with these new partners to increase opportunities and deliver added value to the industry and our customers.
B&K logo

Brüel & Kjær is a manufacturer and supplier of sound and vibration test and measurement solutions. Their PULSE analyzer platform supports the clients' measurement needs from single-channel, real-time applications to complex, multi-channel recording and post-processing scenarious. An interface between PULSE and MSC Nastran exists today for correlation of structural models and sub-system performance assessment in the NVH Simulator. An interface between PULSE and Adams/Car is being developed in 2014. To learn more about Brüel & Kjær, visit their website.

CDH logo

CDH AG's software products are used in the vibration analysis departments of international automotive manufacturers. The CDH Software Suite offers efficient CAE software to support virtual product development for safety, strength and stiffness, vehicle comfort and acoustics. CDH's software tools, AMLS, FastFRS and EXEL connect to and extend the capabilities of MSC Nastran. To learn more about CDH and their software tools, visit their website.

DEM Solutions logo

DEM Solutions offers Discrete Element Method (DEM) simulation software and services. EDEM is DEM's high-performance simulation software for solution of complex problems in the design optimization of equipment that handles and processes bulk solid materials. DEM Solutions has released a direct connection to Adams to provide loads modeled as discrete elements, e.g. soil or rocks. To learn more about DEM and EDEM, visit their website.

MSC Learning Center
MSC Learning Center

Beginning in Q1 of 2014, official Technology Partners can purchase subscriptions to the new MSC Learning Center at the same discounted rate University students and professors will receive. Look for an email announcement coming soon on how you can get the product training your organization needs anytime it is needed without the cost of travel, accommodations and time away from the office.

Watch the MSC Learning Center informational video to find out more. Visit the MSC Learning Center.

In addition to accessible eLearning, partners will have the unique opportunity to contribute knowledge and industry expertise through the MSC Learning Center, while earning royalties on viewed content.

Email us at to learn how you can get started.


Informative Links
MSC Software's Corporate Website includes links to MSC's Simulating Reality Magazine, Conferences, User Meetings and events, and other opportunities for our Technology Partner community to reach MSC's customers.
Global Automotive User Conference
Global Adams UM

Join us at the Global Automotive User Conference taking place on April 7th in Detroit, Michigan. MSC's Systems Dynamics team will share the newest capabilities in Adams and best practices with industry colleagues around the world. And since the event is scheduled during SAE World Conress, we are anticipating quality attendees eager to learn how they can get their products to market faster with the latest tools and technology. Attend for free by registering now.

If you are interested in sponsoring at the conference, opportunities are available. Contact us at to learn how you can effectively connect to MSC users in the automotive industry at the upcoming Global Automotive User Conference.

 2014 EVENTS 
Date Event Location
Feb 12 SIA Optimization of Composites Palaiseau, France
Feb 19
 MSC Event Workshop - Acoustic Munich, Germany
Feb 26
MSC Event Technology Day - Materials and Composites
Munich, Germany
Feb 27 - 28 4th International Conference - Advanced materials and technologies for transport - Lightweight materials: sustainable solutions for the next vehicles generation  Torino, Italy
Mar 10 - 13 EWEA 2014 Barcelona, Spain
Mar 19 - 20 MSC Event Modeling of Composite Materials and Structures - Digimat Training Les Ulis, France
Mar 27 -  28 Berliner Runde - The Machine Tool Colloquium Berlin, Germany
Apr 7 MSC Event Global Adams Automotive User Meeting Detroit, MI, USA
Apr 10 Symposium on Product Development and Product Lifecycle Management Rapperswil, Switzerland
May 14 - 15
MSC Event

MSC User Meeting 2014

Munich, Germany
May 20 - 21 NAFEMS Conference 2014 Bamberg, Germany
May 20 - 21 MSC Event MSC User Conference 2014 Lyon, France
Jun 11 - 13 19th Conference on Computational Engineering Hiroshima, Japan
Jun 24 - 25 Drivetrain for Vehicles Friedrichshafen, Germany
Jul 2 - 4
  International NVH Congress Graz, Austria
Aug 6 - 8

56th Structural Strength Lecture - Japan Society of Aeronautical and Space Sciences

Hamamatsu, Japan
Sep 23 - 26

WindEnergy Hamburg Hamburg, Germany
Nov 18 - 19 VID Simvec Baden-Baden, Germany

If you are not currently a member of MSC's Partner Program and would like more information, please contact us at


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