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Simulation - Simple and Smart

2014 represents tremendous opportunity for MSC's Technology Partners. The latest releases of our core products over the past year have delivered an abundance of co-simulation capabilities, bringing exceptional value to our customers and new opportunities to our Technology Partners. We invite you to stay current with the latest releases and connect to the MSC network at numerous industry and user events throughout 2014.


Product News

Adams FMI



Adams FMI
By adopting FMI (Functional Mockup Interface), Adams can share models or perform co-simulation with other simulation tools in addition to Easy 5 and Simulink . This creates better collaboration in the earliest design stages between engineering groups for more efficiency, accuracy and productivity.

FMI support extends to Adams/View and all Adams Verticals: Adams/Machinery, Adams/Mechatronics, Adams/Car, Adams/Chassis, Adams/Driveline. The support of FMI allows simulations from unique programs to run in parallel while communicating at the same time interval.

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Extending Co-Simulation













MSC Nastran

Nastran Embedded Fatigue (NEF) was introduced in 2013. In addition to winning the CAE Innovation of the Year award from Automotive Testing Technology International Magazine, it is helping customers reduce solution times, disk space required and the total number of individual files.

Navistar reduced their solution time by 4.8x times, reducing a 120 hour task to just 2 hours. Disk space requirements were reduced from 283MB to 32MB. Instead of 191 individual files, only 2 inidividual files were required, the input file and the results. In addition, the NEF results matched the traditional GUI based fatigue approach and experiment.

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PEM leverages Actran's sophisticated acoustics technology to perform dynamic analysis of poro-elastic materials inside of MSC Nastran. These materials are commonly used in the 'trim' of ground vehicles to improve the acoustics of vehicle interiors. Traditionally, this capability required the use of a separate program, but PEM allows for the use of only one program: MSC Nastran for acoustic analysis.

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Powered by MSC Nastran SOL400 (nonlinear FE technology), Adams/Flex allows users to integrate FEA-based flexible bodies into one MBD simulation model. The ViewFlex Module in Adams/View makes it possible for users to transform a rigid part to an MNF-based flexible body using embedded MSC Nastran finite element analysis.

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Adams/Durability equips engineers with the ability to perform critical durability testing to assess stress, strain or life of components within mechanical systems to design products to last. Direct access to physical test data in industry-standard file formats enables engineers to use loads data captured during tests, and easily correlate simulation and testing results.

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Partner Opportunities






Partner opportunities abound in 2014. 16 user conferences are taking place globally and with each come the chance to connect face-to-face with MSC customers. See the 'Global Events' section below for a complete list of upcoming 2014 user events.

The MSC Learning Center will soon be available for partners to subscribe annually at a discounted rate. Right now, the MSC Learning Center offers more than 500 hours of structured training courses on MSC Nastran and Adams, with more courses added continuously. Look for a special announcement coming soon to your email inbox.

"Simulating Reality" is MSC's CAE publication distributed to over 25,000 readers worldwide. In addition to printed versions, each issue is posted on MSC's website for download anytime. The Partner Showcase section in the magazine highlights Technology Partners solutions. Although it is too late to submit an article for the 2014 issue, reserve article space now for the 2015 issue by sending an email to by October 30th. Consider converting a recent paper presented at an industry or MSC user conference into a Partner Showcase article.

Welcome New Technology Partners
MSC is pleased to welcome two new Technology Partners!
CEI Logo

Computational Engineering International (CEI) is the software developer of EnSight, which takes data from computer simulations and converts it into images, movies and 3D scenes that can be shared and presented. CEI's EnSight is widely used to visualize the results of MSC's simulations, and is particularly good for large data sets that result from nonlinear, explicit nonlinear, and motion simulation.

CAEfatigue logo

CAEfatigue is the developer of frequency domain random response fatigue solutions, training and services. CAEfatigue's Vibration software works with MSC's solvers to calculate fatigue life, damage, and other response statistics. 

U.S. Government Backs Simulation-Driven Manufacturing

The importance of CAE to the manufacturing industry is recognized in the recent appointment of a 41-member consortium by the U.S. government to establish the first of its kind Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation (DMDI) institute. MSC, along with several major universities and companies including Boeing, Cray, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, and Microsoft are a part of the consortium that will contribute to the development of the national center for digital manufacturing technology.

Read the recent press release.


Informative Links
MSC Software's Corporate Website includes links to MSC's Simulating Reality Magazine, Conferences, User Meetings and events, and other opportunities for our Technology Partner community to reach MSC's customers.
 2014 EVENTS 
Date Event Location
May 13 - 14
NAFEMS Nordic Gothenberg, Sweden
May 14 - 15
 MSC Event MSC User Meeting 2014 Munich, Germany
May 15
MSC Event MSC User Meeting 2014
Gothenberg, Sweden
May 15 - 16
MSC Event Poland User Meeting 2014 Krakow, Poland
May 19 - 21
Roundtable Simulating Manufacturing Conference Marburg, Germany
May 21 - 22
All Energy Exhibition & Conference Aberdeen, UK
May 20 - 21
MSC Event MSC User Conference 2014 Lyon, France
May 28
MSC Event Japan User Conference Tokyo, Japan 
May 28 - 30

NAFEMS 2014 Americas Conference

Colorado Springs, CO - U.S.
May 30
MSC Event Korea User Conference Seoul, Korea
Jun 2 - 5

SAMPE Tech 2014 Seattle, WA - U.S.
Jun 4 - 5
NAFEMS France Conference Charenton, France
Jun 10 - 11 NAFEMS UK Conference Oxford, UK
Jun 11 - 12 MSC Event MSC User Meeting 2014 Brno, Czech Republic
Jun 11 - 13 19th Conference on Computational Engineering Hiroshima, Japan
Jun 16 MSC Event MSC User Meeting 2014 Barcelona, Spain
Jun 24 -26 Vehicle Dynamics Conference Stuttgart, Germany
Jun 24 - 25 International Congress - Drivetrain for Vehicles Friedrichshafen, Germany
Jul 2 - 4
  International NVH Congress Graz, Austria
Jul 20 - 25 11th World Congress on Computational Mechanics Barcelona, Spain
Aug 6 - 8

56th Structural Strength Lecture - Japan Society of Aeronautical and Space Sciences

Hamamatsu, Japan
Sep 15 - 17 ISMA (International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering) Leuven, Belgium
Sep 23 - 26

WindEnergy Hamburg Hamburg, Germany
Sep 30 - Oct 1 MSC Event MSC User Meeting Napoli, NA - Italy
Nov 18 - 19 VDI Simvec Baden-Baden, Germany

If you are not currently a member of MSC's Partner Program and would like more information, please contact us at


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