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MSC's 2014 Global User Conferences
MSC 2014 User Conferences

Technology and productivity intersect at MSC's Global User events. MSC software user communities gather across industries and continents to focus on building great technology experiences. Each event presents MSC Technology Partners with possibilities to upgrade your skills, become a sponsor and present your solutions.

Upgrade Skills! Gain a deeper understanding of the challenges customers face and how technology is evolving to meet these challenges. Wide varieties of sessions are offered, so you can choose the most relevant for your organization. Contact us at to learn how official Technology Partners can attend at no cost.

Become a Sponsor! Influence the influencers. Connect with hundreds of the world's most influential CAE Analysts, Product Design Engineers and Engineering Managers across industries. For more information about MSC's 2014 event sponsorship programs, email us at or click the event links below.

Present Your Solutions! Speaking opportunities are available at select MSC user events for Technology Partners to share mutual customer success stories and best practices with MSC customers. These opportunities are limited, so don't wait, prepare and submit an abstract today! Contact us or click the event links below to learn more.

Upcoming 2014 Global Events

MSC User Meeting Italy
Sep 30 - Oct 1, 2014  |  Naples - Italy

Royal Continental Hotel
Join MSC Italy at the beautiful Royal Continental Hotel in Naples to connect with MSC customers, many in the aerospace industry, and academia. The event has been organized in cooperation with Napoli University and AITEM (Italian Mechanical Technology Association).


Limited Sponsorship Opportunities are available. Contact Giulia Battistolo at for sponsorship inquiries.


India MSC User Conference 2014
Sep 12, 2014  |  Chennai - India

ITC Granc Chola Chennai
Connect with over 400 MSC Software users in automotive, aerospace and defense and various other industries at the India User Conference in Chennai, India. This annual event is one of the most anticipated CAE events of the year, attracting leading product manufacturers, service providers, researchers and academicians from across the country. Attend, Sponsor, or Present.


Exclusive sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact Vijesh Rao at for sponsorship inquiries.


Aerospace & Defense Industry User Meeting
Sep 17, 2014  |  Newport Beach, California - United States

Fairmont-Newport Beach
This focused user event is designed to address the unique simulation and engineering challenges of the aerospace industry. Experts from leading aerospace manufacturers and the MSC product development team will present innovative applications, integrated solutions, automated best practices, and optimized processes using MSC Software's tools. Submit an abstract for consideration by August 15th. 


Sponsorship + Speaking Opportunities are available. Contact Christina Finney at for sponsorship inquiries.

PARALLEL TRAINING TRACK: Attend a free 3-hour training session on the soon to be released product, MSC Apex, on September 18th at the MSC Corporate Newport Beach office. Visit the event landing page to learn more about this training track.

FFT Acoustic Simulation Conference & Actran Users Meeting 2014
Oct 14 - 16, 2014  |  Brussels - Belgium

Diamont - Brussels
Numerical acousticians and Actran users from around the world will gather to share acoustic modeling experiences and learn best practices from acoustics experts in a variety of aerospace, automotive, machinery, shipbuilding and eletronic device applications. Connect with a worldwide Actran user community that includes acoustic engineers, structural analysts, CFD analysts and CAE managers.  


Sponsorship + Speaking Opportunities are available. Contact Julie Blaise at for sponsorship inquiries.

PARALLEL TRAINING TRACK: Two free training tracks (Introductory + Refresher) will be held prior to the conference on October 14th. Visit the event landing page to learn more about the training tracks.


Digimat Global Users' Conference & Training
Oct 21 - 23, 2014  |  Rome - Italy

Crowne Plaza St. Peters
Join the annual Digimat Users Meeting where international composite experts and key industry decision-makers will share innovations, technical knowledge and best practices in material modeling. Connect to the Digimat user community of material scientists, simulation engineers and CAE simulation managers from all over the world and across industries.  


Sponsorship + Speaking Opportunities are available. Contact Mira Toth at for sponsorship inquiries.

MSC Learning Center - Now Available for Technology Partners!



The MSC Learning Center is now available for official Technology Partners to subscribe for a low yearly rate of $99 USD. Learn MSC Nastran, Adams and other MSC Software products at your own pace through the new MSC Learning Center. Online training, 500 hours of on-demand courses and a rich user community you can connect to through discussion forums attached to each course are all available through the MSC Learning Center.

Promote your own complementary solutions by posting video tutorials teaching your technology in the MSC Learning Center. If you are interested in having your training available for commercial subscribers within the new dynamic learning platform, contact us

Take a tour, register or simply find out more, by visiting the MSC Technology Partner page and clicking on the MSC Learning Center links located on the right-hand side of the webpage.

Welcome Joy Lin!
Joy Lin

We are very pleased to welcome Joy Lin to the MSC Technology Partner Program! Joy has joined the team as Sales Administrator, taking over Jennifer Barbosa's former responsibilities.

Joy can be contacted at for licensing, software downloads, and additional product requests and renewal related issues.

Welcome New Technology Partners!
MSC is pleased to welcome two new Technology Partners to the program!
Tass International

TASS International supports the transport industry by developing safety systems and offering virtual models, simulation software, engineering services and testing facilities that support further reduction of emissions, improve safety and facility (electro) mobility to OEM vehicle manufacturers. TASS offers MF-Tyre/MF-Swift, two robust tyre model products that interface with Adams.


Infolytica Corp. is a provider of Electromagnetic and Thermal analysis software for low frequency devices. Infolytica's MagNet software combines the capabilities of full three-dimensional simulation and inter-operability with other analysis packages. 

Product News
MSC Nastran 2013.1.1

MSC Nastran 2013.1.1

Many FEA software packages are capable of modeling anisotropic materials, but are limited to materials that are homogeneous in composition. This limitation contributes to highly conservative simulations that are far from matching experimental data of anisotropic and heterogeneous composites.

The newest release of MSC Nastran includes a capability to produce and include in FEA constitutive relationships to model anisotropic and heterogeneous materials, e.g. Polymer Matrix Composites (PMC), Rubber Matrix Composites (RMC) and Metal Matrix Composites (MMC). The resulting benefit is improved accuracy when performing structural analysis of composites. This capability is driven by Digimat, which uses mean-field homogenization methods to compute the linear and nonlinear constitutive behavior of multi-phase materials.

To learn more about this release, contact us at


Joint Webinars
Joint Webinars with MSC

Expand your market reach when you build a high value webinar with MSC. Webinars are one of MSC's best marketing and lead generation tools to drive awareness in the global CAE community about products' features and functionality. Present your complementary solutions to MSC's global user base efficiently and effectively. Contact us at to start planning a joint webinar.


Informative Links
MSC Software's Corporate Website includes links to MSC's Simulating Reality Magazine, Conferences, User Meetings and events, and other opportunities for our Technology Partner community to reach MSC's customers.
 2014 EVENTS 
Date Event Location
Jul 20 - 25

11th World Congress on Computational Mechanics Barcelona, Spain
Aug 4 - 7 Thermal and Fluids Analysis Workshop Cleveland, OH - U.S.
Aug 6 - 8

56th Structural Strength Lecture - Japan Society of Aeronautical and Space Sciences Hamamatsu, Japan
Aug 12 - 14 Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering &
Technology Symposium (GVETS)
Novi, MI - U.S.
Aug 17 - 20 Advanced Design and Manufacturing Impact Forum Buffalo, NY - U.S.
Sep 9 - 10 Global Product Data Interoperability Summit Phoenix, AZ - U.S.
Sep 12 MSC Event India MSC User Conference 2014 Chennai - India
Sep 15 - 17

ISMA (International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering) Leuven, Belgium
Sep 17 MSC Event Aerospace & Defense User Meeting Newport Beach,
California - U.S.
Sep 23 - 26

WindEnergy Hamburg Hamburg, Germany
Sep 30 - Oct 1
MSC Event MSC User Meeting Italy
Naples, Italy
Oct 7 - 9 SAE 2014 Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress (COMVEC) Rosemont, IL - U.S.
Oct 14 - 16
MSC Event FFT Acoustic Simulation Conference & Actran Users Meeting
Brussels, Belgium
Oct 21 - 23
MSC Event Digimat Global Users Conference & Training
Rome, Italy
Nov 18 - 19

VDI Simvec Baden-Baden, Germany

If you are not currently a member of MSC's Partner Program and would like more information, please contact us at


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