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Greetings Technology Partners!
Partner Success

MSC has entered an exciting new era with the launch of MSC Apex in October. I look forward to working with MSC's Technology Partners next year and beyond to uncover new opportunities for solutions that bring value to our mutual customers.

I would like to thank each of our Technology Partners for making the effort to thoughtfully complete MSC's Technology Partner Program survey each year. We take your feedback seriously, and are pleased that you have improved our rating to an overall 4.4 out of 5, the highest-ever rating, yet one we will strive to increase further. The next time you take the annual survey, expect a small number of additional questions that we have added to help us further meet your needs.

Finally, since this is the last newsletter of 2014, I would like to wish all of you a successful conclusion to your year in business; and I wish you, along with your colleagues and families, a very happy holiday season and a fast start to 2015!

Warm Regards,
John Janevic


Reinventing Simulation

Simulation Reinvented



MSC Apex

"MSC Software's Apex is an effort to rethink the entire simulation process." remarked CEO Dominic Gallello in a recent interview with Lifecycle Insights, Chad Jackson. Apex, MSC's much anticipated, next generation CAE platform was officially launched on September 30th. Since its launch announcement, Apex has appeared in over 25 media articles and has also been recognized as Editor's Pick of the Week with Desktop Engineering, and a Product of the Year Finalist by NASA Tech Briefs.

Engineers using MSC Apex recognize and appreciate its timesaving and user-friendly features.

"The time required to prepare a model and mesh was reduced from 8 hours to 1 hour." - Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems/RSG@Takasago, Japan

"The mid-surface capability has sped up our meshing process by a factor of 3." - Viessmann Werke, Germany

The new platform has many new exciting capabilities. Here are just a few.

  • Apex Modeler automatically updates mesh when geometry changes (generative).
  • Apex Modeler automatically solves the simulation once a change is made.
  • MSC Apex introduces the Computational Part Concept, which only includes mathematical reduced definition, no geometric representation, thereby protecting intellectual property.
  •  MSC Apex enables the engineer. With built-in tutorials and videos for self-training, the platform is easy to learn and use.

One engineer reported, "MSC's next generation simulation software is so easy to use and yet so enjoyable! I complete the same work in half a day rather than 3-4 days." - Kaban Makina, Turkey

Learn More - Actran Student Edition

Product News


Actran 15

The latest release of Actran helps engineers perform simulation with higher productivity and increased accuracy. This release is designed to support the constant innovation and growing needs of the automotive and aerospace industries, while also providing ease of use capabilities for industries like machinery and home appliances.

Actran 15 Release Highlights

  • Integrated meshing tools
  • An automatic and meshless acoustic radiation solution, eliminating the manual meshing effort for creating an acoustic domain and automates the sound radiation calculation from a vibrating structure
  • Various new vibro-acoustics features for both frequency domain analysis and transient analysis
  • Significant improvements in Actran DGM for aero engine noise applications
  • Aero-acoustics allowing "On The Fly" source calculation with transient CFD and support new types of native CFD results formats
  • Enhanced computation power and connectivity with structural and multi-body dynamics software for chained vibro-acoustic simulation

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adams - fe part



adams-cam module


Adams 2014

Coupled FE Technologies
The latest release from Adams simulation solution suite unites multibody dynamics and nonlinear FEA
. Adams 2014 introduces new native nonlinear part modeling and analysis as well as functionality for co-simulation between Adams and Mar, nonlinear finite element analysis.

Read a recent case study on how Litens Automotive Group used the Adams-Marc co-simulation to achieve a 15 times speed increase of their system analysis. 

Modeling Improvements
Adams 2014 also extends popular machinery solutions
with the new Cam module in Adams/Machinery. The Cam Module makes cam model creation much faster and makes design changes to mechanism motions and the cap profile easier to perform.

New vehicle modeling improvements in Adams/Car include stability events, FTire animations and SmartDriver enhancements. The latest enhancements provide engineers with higher-fidelity analysis and visualization of vehicle ride events.

Watch the on-demand webinar on the Adams 2014 new release.

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Digimat 5.1.1














Digimat 5.1.1

The newest capabilities in Digimat help engineers, material suppliers and material users reduce the cost and time to engineer innovative materials and products.

Digimat 5.1.1 Release Highlights

  • The shell version of Digimat-RP, the vertical, easy-to-use solution for the reinforced plastics market
  • Digimat-FE/Solver uses an OEM version of Marc solver. The addition of Marc OEM brings Digimat-FE to the next level by enabling an end-to-end analysis of material engineering
  • A complete and more robust progressive failure analysis of composites

Congratulations to the e-Xstream engineering team! In September, e-Xstream won for the 3rd year in a row, 2 best paper awards from the Society of Plastics Engineering (SPE) Automotive Composite Conference and Exhibition (ACCE) in Detroit. This is one of the major automotive plastics and composites conference and it speaks to the state of the art technology in Digimat.

Watch the on-demand webinar on the Digimat 5.1.1 release.

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marc 2014


Marc 2014

The latest release of Marc introduces a new 3D crack propagation capability to more accurately predict failure in products. The release also delivers enhanced nonlinear contact features, improved modeling for electromagnetics as well as easier CAD defeaturing and mesh generation capabilities.

Marc 2014 Release Highlights

  • New 3D Crack Propagation Capabilities
  • Enhanced Nonlinear Contact Abilities
  • Better Pressure Cavity Functionalities
  • Improved Modeling for Electromagnetics
  • Enhanced CAD Defeaturing and Mesh
    Generation Features

Watch the on-demand webinar on the Marc 2014 release.

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msc nastran 2014


MSC Nastran 2014

The latest release of MSC Nastran delivers new capabilities and performance enhancements to solve multidisciplinary problems more effectively.

MSC Nastran 2014 Release Highlights

  • Performance enhancements for dynamic and
    nonlinear analysis
  • Enhancements to external superlement capability
  • More powerful fatigue capabilities in MSC Nastran
    and Patran (NEF)
  • More flexible use of sets to activate rigid elements
    in subcases
  • Contact enhancements for performance and
    ease of use
  • Nonlinear analysis with linear perturbations
  • Performance enhancements with poroelastic materials
  • Improved performance for fluid-solid interaction

Watch the on-demand webinar on the MSC Nastran 2014 release

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simmanager 2014


SimManager 2014

The release of SimManager 2014 introduces direct integration with commonly used computer-aided engineering (CAE) applications such as MSC Software's Adams, Patran and Marc as well as Ansa from Technnology Partner, Beta CAE Systems.

SimManager 2014 also integrates Technology Partner, VCollab's 3D Model Viewer directly as an optional module. Technology Partner, VCollab is the best in class vendor neutral, ultra-compact, web friendly generation and viewer for CAD, finite element analysis (FEA) and CAD data. With VCollab, SimManager generates lightweight, web friendly 3D snapshots and 2D images. Results can also be displayed for interactive post processing from within a users web browser.

Several other enhancements have been implemented to improve security, ease of use and performance. The user interface and navigation have also been enhanced to improve user experience.

Watch the on-demand webinar on the SimManager 2014 release.

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Leverage MSC's e-Learning Tools






A special thanks to all the partners who subscribed to a free trial of the MSC Learning Center during the month of October. We hope you enjoyed exclusive access to the variety of training, tools and resources available within the MSC Learning Center platform.

All official Technology Partners can subscribe to the MSC Learning Center for a low yearly rate of $99 USD.

Partner Benefits

  • New Hire Training - assign training and create training schedules for your newest team members.
  • Stay up to date with the latest capabilities/features of the MSC products you use (at your convenience).
  • Directly connect to MSC customers and experts through discussion forums attached to each course.
  • Boost awareness of your complementary solutions by adding your own content to the MSC Learning Center. Email us at to learn about promoting your own training content within the MSC Learning Center.
Get Started Now - Register
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Welcome New Technology Partners
MSC is pleased to welcome five new Technology Partners to our community in Q3!
CEI Logo

CAE Simulation and Solutions specializes in the analysis of mechanical structures, fluid flows and thermo- mechanical processes. Their self-developed software, LIMIT, offers detailed strength and fatigue analysis of MSC Nastran models, and is particularly well suited to the engineering challenges faced in the railway industry.


CEDRAT provides a complete suite of tools for the design, analysis and optimization of electric, electromechanical or electromagnetic simulation devices and systems for a large range of electrical and mechatronic engineering applications.  CEDRAT is currently developing the capability to solve magnetic-structural-acoustic problems by coupling the results of Flux simulations to MSC Nastran and Adams.

CoDeT Logo

CoDeT Engineering specializes in technology and expertise for structural analysis; design and optimization algorithms integrated with state-of-art Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) methods including MSC Nastran. In conjunction with MSC Nastran and Patran, the CoDeT products can determine optimum design sequences for composites.

Flow Science logo

Flow Science's product Flow3D specializes in free-surface flows and is widely used for simulations such as casting and environmental/hydrological (water flow). When the simulations involve moving boundaries or flexible structures, Flow3D and MSC Nastran can be used together to address fluid-structure interaction problems, through MSC's open FSI interface.

microsoft logo

Microsoft's products have been a cornerstone of MSC's products of years. Recently MSC and Microsoft have formalized our relationship so that MSC can further exploit potential performance gains in our products such as MSC Nastran, Marc and Dytran.

Joint Partner Webinars
Joint Webinars with MSC

Are you ready to increase awareness of your joint solutions to MSC customers and beyond? With an average of 400 registrants per webinar and a 30%+ attendance rate, planning a webinar with MSC's technical teams is a worthwhile effort to engage the industry and promote your technology's features and benefits. Click the links below to view some MSC's recent On-Demand webinars with Technology Partners.

Contact us at to start planning a joint webinar.


Informative Links
MSC Software's Corporate Website includes links to MSC's Simulating Reality Magazine, Conferences, User Meetings and events, and other opportunities for our Technology Partner community to reach MSC's customers.
Date Event Location
Nov 18 - 19
VDI Simvec Baden-Baden, Germany
Nov 20 MSC Event 2015 User Meeting Spain Madrid, Spain
Nov 24 - 26 International Tidal Energy Summit Responder London, UK
Nov 25 MSC Event Advanced Simulation for the Ground Vehicle Industry Modena, Italy
Dec 9 - 11 POWER-GEN International (Booth #665) Orlando, Florida - U.S.
2015 Events
Jun 16 - 17 International Congress Drivetrain for Vehicles Friedrichshafen, Germany
Jun 16 - 17 MSC Event 2015 User Meeting Germany - Austria - Switzerland Munich, Germany

If you are not currently a member of MSC's Partner Program and would like more information, please contact us at


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