Robert Owens
Vanderbilt University, United States

RESEARCH GOALS: Mr. Owens and the research team at Vanderbilt University are working to improve the efficiency of the engineering process per DARPA's Adaptive Vehicle Make project.


MSC RESEARCH ASSIST AWARD: Mr. Owens and Vanderbilt University were awarded MSC Nastran to increase the efficiency of structural, modal, fatigue, buckling and thermal analysis.

BIO: Mr. Owens holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Tennessee Technological University and an M.S. in Computer Science from the Florida Institute of Technology. He has seventeen years of experience as a Staff Engineer for Lockheed Martin, developing launch and control applications for the Space Shuttle.

Mr. Owens has also spent a number of years as a Mechanical Engineer, designing defense products and a Senior Principal Engineer at a commercial software company, developing applications for large call centers.

Mr. Owens is currently developing integrations between Cyber-Physical modeling systems and mechanical design/analysis applications to increase the effiency of the mechanical design/analysis process.


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