Susanne Van Engelen
VU University, Netherlands

RESEARCH GOALS: Ms. Van Engelen and the research team at VU University are working to more effectively treat instability created by degeneration and injury that can lead to spinal disorders and pain.


MSC Research Assist Award: Ms. Van Engelen and VU University were awarded MSC Nastran | Patran, SimXpert, Marc and Adams to conduct modal testing on the mechanical properties of the lumbar spine.

Bio: Ms. Van Engelen holds an MSc in Industrial Design Engineering, with an emphasis in ergonomics, medical technology and biomechanics from the University of Technology Delft.

While working as a research assistant at the Department of Radiology of the Sophia Childrens hospital in Erasum Medical Center Rotterdam, she was granted a scholarship to attend VU University and is currently pursuing a PhD at the Faculty of Human Movement Sciences.


July 2012 - Ms. Van Engelen presented her research at the 15th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics - July 2012. Download the poster.

Application of MSC Solutions

Research Results