Dr. Adan Vega
Technological University of Panama (UTP), Panama

RESEARCH GOALS: Dr. Vega and his research team are working on Optimization of the Straightening Process for Thin Plate Welded Structures Based on Theoretical Prediction.


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BIO: Dr. Vega is a professor at Technological University of Panama (UTP), holds a B.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering; Graduate Studies in Material Science; Graduate Studies in Plant Engineering from UTP; and Ph.D. degree in Engineering at Osaka University, Japan. He is a member of the National Research System and one of the directors of the Pan American Institute of Naval Engineering (IPIN).

Dr. Vega is the director of LEPUM (Research Center for manufacturing processes) where he has spent a number of years working on modeling and simulation of thermo-mechanical problems.

Dr. Vega is currently developing FEM techniques to study thermo-mechanical processes such as welding, plate forming and straightening in order to help shipbuilding and the ship repair industry to automate their manufacturing processes as well to incorporate new technologies.

The ultimate goal of Dr. Vega is be able to incorporate sustainable manufacturing processes in the industry.