Mr. Serhii Bashinskyi
Zhitomir State Technological University, Ukraine

RESEARCH GOALS: Mr. Bashinskyi and the research team at Zhitomir State Technological University are researching the cutting of natural stone with the diamond wire saw.


MSC RESEARCH ASSIST AWARD: Mr. Bashinskyi and Zhitomir State Technological University have been awarded Adams/Machinery to create a CAE model of the diamond wire saw for analysis.

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BIO: Mr. Bashinskyi earned his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Mining Engineering from Zhitomir State Technological University in Ukraine in 2002 and 2005, respectively. Now, he is a master teach at the University and is pursuing postgraduate studies.

Mr. Bashinskyi's interests are in the area of natural stone cutting with flexible diamond tools utilizing a discrete element method modeling.